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It doesn’t surprise me that many software developers are also D&D players.

D&D is collaborative worldbuilding, and software is reality construction.

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🎊 Happy 15h birthday @firefox@twitter.com 🎊

Firefox 1.0 was released on November 9th, 2004. The scrappy alternative to Internet Explorer 6 (☠️) had revolutionary features such as tabbed browsing (!), popup blocking, themes, and extensions. 🔥

It changed the world. Really, it did 👏👏

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"Sorry for the delay"

- Ancient Open Source Issue Greeting

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"The secret [to a good software org] is understanding the difference between a technical problem and an organizational/cultural problem. Technology cannot solve underlying organizational problems and reorganizing teams can't solve technology problems."
@eileencodes@twitter.com in @RubyWeekly@twitter.com

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Did you know everything about styling underlines on the web just changed?
You can make an underline thicker or thinner.
You can move it closer to/further from the text.
You can control whether the line intersects with characters.


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SWR: React Hooks for Remote Data Fetching

◆ Light
◆ Backend agnostic
◆ Realtime updates
◆ Fast nav / back
◆ Local mutations
◆ Parallel / Serial fetch
◆ Scroll memorization
◆ Pagination
◆ REST, GraphQL & custom
◆ Suspense ready
◆ TypeScript


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Want to design cool things where content magically lines-up with the edges of a viewport / box, even when a user scrolls, without resorting to scroll-jacking JS? Did you know there’s a solution in CSS?

@MiriSuzanne@twitter.com shows us how CSS Scroll Snap works...


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☞ The best way to sell a design system internally: stop using the phrase “design system.”

Instead, tie your design system efforts to a high-priority roadmap item.

After all, the goal isn’t to launch a design system; it’s to ship software.


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Callbacks are global, and not context-oriented (save/update/save as admin/..), they are designed to fail because you need to suppress or limit or filter per context. I have never seen a working callback setup in my entire "career" in Rails projects. twitter.com/kobaltz/status/118

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🚨!! Annonce !!🚨
Tu aimerais te former à la programmation dans un environnement où l'humain est au coeur de l'apprentissage ? Et surtout te lancer au plus vite ?
Bonne nouvelle : Ada Tech School fait sa rentrée décalée en janvier !!!
Pour candidater👉 bit.ly/2NsYIfF💌

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Since it’s now appeared in print, I might as well say it here - I’ve resigned from GitHub and my last day will be tomorrow.

Doing business with ICE is not okay. twitter.com/jmbooyah/status/11

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This is a damn fine logo, an outstanding pun, and a very interesting project. github.com/socketry/async


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Kids, if anyone ever questions your "computer art" please point them to what 95 year old has to say.

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Hello twitter ! Je suis dispo pour faire des BBLs chez vous !
Le principe: vous m'invitez à déjeuner, et je viens chez vous un midi discuter de:
- Devops
- Software Craftsmanship
- Organisation
- Agilité
- Tests, TDD, gestion de la qualité
- ou autre chose... :)

RTs appréciés!🙌

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A laptop that explodes when your code doesn’t compile 🔥💻🔥
@stupidhackathon@twitter.com @noisebridge@twitter.com

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Amis et amies du web, je vous invite à proposer un sujet ! Chaque histoire est intéressante, c'est la façon de raconter qui nous rend unique. Tech, process, design, newbie, ancêtre des Internets, tout est bon à partager :) twitter.com/HTeuMeuLeu/status/

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[1/4] Ok this is really funny, check this out.
I was in the process of booking a flight via @OneTravel@twitter.com. Trying to make me book ASAP, they claimed: "38 people are looking at this flight".
Whoa, 38 is a lot, I have to hurry up. But first I have to check how they came up with 38 >>

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