I just pushed out a new blog post detailing the plans and roadmap for #FreeTube in 2021. Feel free to give it a read and let me know what you think.



@FreeTube I hope you’re doing fine. I really like the way you asked for our opinion. Personally, I prefer big updates and scheduled (like every 3 months we got a some new features, a bunch of bug fixes). I think it’s better for your time as you can better organise your time, get things done neatly and keep going to the next level.

I noticed you didn’t talk about the Local API which has a lot of fallbacks to the Invidious. I hope you’ll tweak it more this year.

@FreeTube I appreciate you work a lot and I’m testing every single feature you add. Keep up the perfect work you’re doing... Happy new year to you and your family, may you achieve all your objectives and plans.


I'm doing just fine thanks for asking :)

Ultimately updates will happen when I'm able to find time to do them, so I won't force them to happen faster just for the sake of it. I mostly want to get everyone's opinion on what everyone else prefers.

Also have you updated to v0.10.0? Most of the local API problems should be fixed now. The notification to update was broken in v0.9.3 so it wasn't able to properly make everyone aware of the update. That should be fixed in new releases though.

@FreeTube Yes, I’m using the latest version (0.10.0). The error appear exactly every time I open FreeTube.

1- After a laptop reboot or the app force close, I launch FreeTube and I’m ending at the an empty “Subscriptions” page (even though I have subscriptions)

2- I use the reload button then error messages appear at the bottom while the red bar is progressing.


The first issue is known and it's something that I plan on looking into.

The second one is a new issue and something I'll have to look into. I can't say I've seen that error before.

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