Throwback to good summer times being v silly with a tiny bike in the mountains.

I want to get a mountain bike night ride going on.

Welcome to Voldemorting, the Ultimate SEO Dis - My first column as @wired’s Resident Linguist! #linguistics

Yeeeeah! I bought a used Brompton folding bike today.

Long dream come true.

#brompton #bike

There are few simple pleasures better in this world than riding your bicycle home in the rain on a warm night

if you're on the fence about getting a bicycle please may i entice you with the beautiful experience of sailing serenely past 10000000 idiot cars on your magnificent metal pony

shout out to all my fellow service workers who don’t get to relax on weekends but instead face an increased level of customer service based hell every friday through sunday. one day we will be free of the shackles of both capitalism and our gregorian calendar and no one will ever yell at us because we got their order slightly wrong again

Pretty wild how people use cars all the time and they catch on fire all the time

new #bike day! an 80s or 90s specialized rockhopper comp. all original components which is... a mixed bag

Planche des Amis de la Terre datant de 1972 (poussée sur Twitter par Vélocité 63) :

There was a cool bikes and beer event in the Mile End tonight, pretty fun stuff! I got to rip around on bikes and put folks on cute bikes they liked.

Riding a bike is one of those rare activities where I feel like I can achieve a state of pure bliss. Bicycles are such a gift

You do not have to care about rich people's feelings. That's what the money is for.

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