@owl venture capital is not a loan; if it was, the amount to reimburse would be fixed in advance. Only with venture capital investments can you end up owning 20 millions' worth of a company after 8 years for an initial investment of 1 because at some point around the 4-year mark it wasn't doing well and you collected previous shareholder's shares as indemnification (and then the company did better but you kept the shares).

IMO yes, a cat adopting this position is a mark of trust, but only because it's an invitation to a pretend fight. That position frees up all four paws (20 claws!) as well as the mouth for attack. The kittens have been playing like this for as long as they have been playing, and feral mom has been using this position when playing with them since they were 6-7 weeks old.

And this time too, the big cat was not asking for tummy pets but for a good, fun kitten fight.

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I have been petting the big cat more and more often. Today the cat purred. After a while he lied down on his back , daring me to continue petting, and I think I should express my opinion about something.

The Internet is full of “Q: why does my cat bite and scratch when it offers me its tummy to pet and I try to pet it? A: showing its tummy demonstrates trust but does not mean it wants to be petted”. I think this explanation is partial and misleading.

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concluding all my incident reports with "root cause: 'out of such crooked timber as humanity is made from, nothing quite straight can be built.'"

i'm not like the other girls, but i do have an identical hash value, which may result in surprising worst case behavior

There is something in the field. Is it a cat? Is it a bun?

strawberry (current) (maybe not the same strawberry) (same plant though)

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if you combine all movies into one you get ratatouille

How many cats? (Trick is to count cat ears and divide by two)
Pic: heap of cats, napping

bad joke re: the word "meta" 

"What's the meta?"

"Nothing, what's the meta with you?"

Ten-year old me would have thought that current me was pretty cool, i think.
Pic: hammock protected by tarp fort; in the distance, feral mom bringing home the bacon

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