We’re at the “we might serve you malware links, don’t click on them” stage of surveillance capitalism.

“the Audacity website and … FossHub have a few adverts to help support our running costs. The adverts are filtered to block ‘bad’ adverts, but occasionally a bad advert may slip through. A common form of ‘bad advert’ is what we refer to as ‘the Big Green Button’, which is an advertisement that attempts to lure visitors to download unwanted software or malware”


There was a scandal in Germany involving the French company doctolib; they served ads from Facebook while you were connected to your account. Doctolib stores your medical records and is used to take medical appointments... The CEO officially said the users are to blame because they are not sufficiently aware about the privacy risks to allow third party cookies!

@sossalemaire @aral If you think this was a scandal in Germany, let me tell you how scandalous it was in France...


Yeah nobody cared, back to business.


Yet I couldn't get an appointment for COVID 19 vaccine elsewhere... And doctolib still asked me to link my social media accounts. The privacy policy indeed stated that some of your medical data may be visible to Facebook if you linked your account, yet the "feature" is still there.

And it's not the end of it : the French sanitary pass is a 2d-code containing in clear text your name, birth date, where you were vaccinated, whether you were at risk, and if you were ever infected by COVID 19. The government's answer: the official app doesn't display this information. Macron didn't lie when he spoke about France becoming a "start-up nation"! His government is as careless as a your average startup...
@rodolphe @aral

@sossalemaire AFAIK this holds for Italian 2d code too, and my uneducated guess is that this "feature" is EU-wide

As Macron clearly put, that is not just out of coincidence but a model that contemporary states apply too

At least they say it loud & clear...

@rodolphe @aral

@diorama @sossalemaire @rodolphe @aral the dutch CoronaCheck app has two modes. An European mode and a national mode. The national mode only has a pass or no pass; combined with initials and place and date of birth. Which have to be validated against one’s passport. The European QR indeed exposes a lot more, probably because national rules diverged too much.

@sossalemaire @rodolphe @aral Requiring opt-in to surveillance of you and your friends by unrelated third-parties to get crucial medical treatment is outright evil.

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