ok so apparently it's trendy to hate apple and to want them to fail?

i'm not part of that. i just want my tools to work well. all tools suck, in different ways. all tools have trade-offs, and the downsides to those trade-offs must be mitigated no matter what tools you use.

i use apple tools because i'm intimately familiar with the tradeoffs of all major platforms and the upsides minus the time it takes to mitigate the downsides is greater there than other platforms.


@sneak I'm curious why you're using macOS instead of Linux. To me, it is harder to bypass everything Apple throws at you than maintaining a Linux installation.

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@sossalemaire linux is 5-10 years behind the state of the art on desktop security. most people who don't know this are ignorant of the state of the art of desktop security.

@sneak @sossalemaire I wonder what's the state of the art of desktop security. Like phoning home to verify that the app about to be launched is legit? 😀
No, seriously I'd be interested in what Linux is lacking so much in this area that it overweights all its advantages.

@sesivany @sossalemaire software running as uid=0 can't compromise the system. you'd need qubes or a pretty advanced selinux config to parallel that, neither of which works out of the box on most hardware

@sossalemaire i'm also curious why you think i've only got one computer and don't have like 3 machines running linux within arms reach right now

@sneak I didn't say that and the contrary would be surprising. But with all you tooted about it, isn't this macOS computer your daily driver? Anyway, I will read your open letter to rms when it will be published. I indeed know little about desktop security and I'm genuinely interested in your opinion.

@sossalemaire my daily drivers:

2 16gb pixelbooks (chromeos linux)

1 imac pro 256gb (catalina)

1 i9 extreme 256gb (nixos)

1 16" 64gb i9 rMBP (catalina)

and about 4 cloud metal hosts running about a dozen VMs (~4 windows, ~8 linux) and 50 containers.

that's not counting the embedded systems i'm the admin for and use every day

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