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This stuck key (along with the Ctrl key just bellow which is also sticky) also explain how I managed to incidentally open a lot of different Firefox windows when writing comments without being able to reproduce it: Ctrl + i ≠ Ctrl + Maj + i.

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It's not particularly dusty under the key, I can't really understand what is causing this.

Maybe some WD40 in the key scissor mechanism would help?

In the meantime, let's tell ZSH that Shift+Tab should trigger completion:

bindkey '^[[Z' expand-or-complete

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Completion broken… Hum, looks like the shift key is cheating on me:

Typing "Op<TAB>" in xev(1) shows:

Shift_L Down
O Down
O Up
Shift_L Up
P Down
P Up
Shift_L Down
ISO_Left_Tab Down
ISO_Left_Tab Up
Shift_L Up

It turns out the shift key is a bit sticky and does not raise completely as soon as I release it. When I press Tab and it is only half-raised, the skin deformation is strong enough to press-down the Shift key again and the keybaord sens a Shift before the Tab key is down.

Sirop d'agave Bio Carrefour : « Origine : Notre sirop d'agave est conditionné en Allemagne, l'agave est cultivé au Mexique »

J'ai acheté ça en Polynésie Française, vive les circuits courts !

While ranting about Linux inability to manage files decently, how come this to be possible:

create file a
create file b

a and b have the same ctime / mtime.

ext4 is supposed to have a date resolution to the nanosecond, yet you can create a bunch of files with a sync between each file creation ; and still have many files sharing the same ctime & mtime.

I do NOT want to manage a file in each of these directories when I create them to store the current date.

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What do Linux developers do when they want to sort a bunch of directories by creation date?

No birthtime in struct stat 😫

"The first problem that many beginners face when confronted with the end-of-file issue is that of the EOF character"

Graphics are cool, so cool that you always want one, even if you have no data to graph.

No data? No problem! Just imagine the line that pass through all data points. Going backward in time? Not my problem. Everybody loves graphics!


HEY that’s honestly such a cute PCB back!! It looks really good, every pin is labeled and there’s a little message! 💜

Unicode, c'est un projet de fou. Une espèce de délire humaniste d'informaticiens typographes du 20e siècle. Un peu comme l'Encyclopédie, celle de Diderot et D’Alembert.

L'idée était d'avoir un schéma de codage des caractères qui permette de recouvrir tous les schémas connus auparavant, et idéalement, toutes les langues écrites de l'humanité.

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Testing with a 11.2 jail an the same version of OpenLDAP server & client, I git more useful feedback:

CA signature digest algorithm too weak

It turns out the CA that signed my server certificate is , and their root certificate use as signature algorithm, which is rejected by recent .

Certificates with SHA256 sigantures are available here:

After installing them, everything is fine 😌

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Updated to 12 (with 1.1.1) ; is unable to establish connections between a server and a client…

This problem is reported by the client:

tlsv1 alert internal error

The server does not report any problem in it's logs:

connection_read(14): checking for input on id=1011
connection_read(14): TLS accept failure error=-1 id=1011, closing

In wireshark, I can see 3 way handshake, STARTTLS request & answer, Client Hello, Server Hello, FIN, FIN

Does this ring a bell?

"The Spinner" offer wonderful services; including teaching your employees how to avoid phishing attacks.

All you have to do is to send them a malicious link and as soon as they click on it, they will be targeted by ads related to the topic you chose.

"Prevent phishing attacks!' is not the only offer they have, check-it-out: "Propose marriage!", "Settle. Don't go to court!", "Initiate sex!", "Quit smoking!"…

Certains films diffusés sont accessibles sur Youtube, à l'instar de deux que j'ai été voir sur les îles Marshall:

Anointed (court métrage):

The dome (long métrage):

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Le festival commence par des séances publiques gratuites (dont une de courts métrages), et après c'est 1000 Francs (~8,40 €) la journée pour aller à autant de séances que vous voulez, et si vous êtes gourmands il y a des pass du genre 3 jours pour 2500 F (~20 €).

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