for anyone?

I expected to find a lot of "mobile phone feet management systems", but it looks like people only want to spy on employees, not empower them with managing the boring stuff…

Useful usage of 's "plusignment" operator (+>):

Apache::Vhost <| port == 443 |> {
headers +> [
'always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains; preload"',

Lots of duplication removed!

Current status: updating to the latest release on .

It's usually piece of cake, but today it turns out to be trickier than usual…

I guess most issues have been identified and worked around, but I still need to figure-out how to handle some of them in a not-too-ugly way.

Early beginning of a plan to manage nodes commissioning / decommissioning: (check the Roadmap in the Projects tab)

The idea is to ease-up adding and removing nodes from our infrastructure.

If this seems to fill a gap for you, maybe you will have good ideas to share with us 😉 I am waiting for your feedback! Thanks!

After serving stale information for more than a week is live again! 👍

This website is incredibly helpful for ports maintainers. Without it is a pain to check which ports have updates and which ports do not have updates. As an example, I missed about ¼ of the infrastructure updates during service disruption.

Catching up right now!

I think we need some kind of USES=puppet to register dependency on sysutils/puppetX; depending on DEFAULT_VERSIONS=puppet=X… where X=5 or 6.

For now, databases/puppetdb-terminus[56] would benefit from this (yeah, the ports won't allow you to do that now, but it's supposed to be possible), and that would allow me to commit textproc/rubygem-puppet-strings which works with both versions.

Does it makes sense?


So, when I tried a few months ago to evaluate it is, it was completely broken 💔 .

Today, I had a chat with people at puppetlabs who helped pin the root of the problem.

A PR in the net-ssh ruby gem is on it's way to fix the base issue, fix another issue found while testing the changes, and spot two more problems in this gem 😨.

Reimplementing the ssh protocol in was probably not the best idea…

Using and ? Want to use HTTP/2?

You may have noticed that Puppetlab's module does not have support for mod_http2.

I started working on it:

Your feedback is appreciated 😉

a few years ago: « Because SSH and a ‘for’ loop doesn’t cut it » (e.g.

nowadays: « Execute commands remotely over SSH and WinRM » (

Meh 🙄 😶

now ships 6.0.0 in the ports tree as sysutils/puppet6, sysutils/puppetserver6, databases/puppetdb6.

The 5 to 6 upgrade was the smoothest I experienced when changing major version of Puppet. You will probably have to add a few modules in your control-repo Puppetfile (for core types that where moved outside of Puppet), and either adjust the configuration or your master certificate for the `puppetserver ca` command to operate successfully (see for details)

6.0.0 running smoothly at home. A few more areas to cleanup, and it should ship in the ports 😋

Most issues "done" in Jira releases tab; New versions being tagged on GitHub; …

6.0.0 is coming!

users, using on ?

The WIP broker (which replaces ActiveMQ in your "typical" MCollective setup) is available in puppet@'s repository:

Pro tips: if you have an entry "try-out mcollective" on your todo-list, replace it by "try-out choria", and save a week of work… Really!

This is a Call For Testers: I have been working on a few ports to bring Puppet 5 on FreeBSD. If you use Puppet, you might want to give it a try and report feedback:


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