I did not anticipate how moving from GMT+2 to GMT-10 would affect my contribution to

I used to stay up late to improve my PRs as soon as the maintainers provided feedback, and was going to bed in a good mood when PRs where merged.

Now, I wake up, see merged PRs that put me in a good mood and have the rest of the day to work on improving the ones with change requests.

The good mood trend to stay til I go to bed, so it's a fscking full day instead of a few hours… awesome 🤗!

@smortex all this tells me is that we need better distribution of FLOSS developers…

… and decision makers, really, since many devs / contributors cannot merge.

@hirojin Sure it affects us — in my case in a good way — but I was already a happy contributor before. I am just a bit happier now 🙃

Asynchronous communication helps a lot here to continue to contribute efficiently, and I guess that my move does not have any impact on the quantity of contribution I do.

Also, better living conditions (climate, location, people) are a good way to be globally 'happier".

So, maybe it would have been wise to leave earlier 😋

@smortex which climate people are happy in, and which people they are happy around, heavily depends on the person

it's a great privilege you were able to find out, and move

(I have too;)

@smortex An happy Smortex is always a good thing for everyone :)

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