I think we need some kind of USES=puppet to register dependency on sysutils/puppetX; depending on DEFAULT_VERSIONS=puppet=X… where X=5 or 6.

For now, databases/puppetdb-terminus[56] would benefit from this (yeah, the ports won't allow you to do that now, but it's supposed to be possible), and that would allow me to commit textproc/rubygem-puppet-strings which works with both versions.

Does it makes sense?



There is also sysutils/rubygem-bolt which requires Puppet 6 so I guess some mechanism like USES=puppet:6+ (just as USES=python:3.6+) would be great…

Then I realize that these ports (textproc/rubygem-puppet-strings, sysutils/rubygem-bolt) can be flavored…



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