Completion broken… Hum, looks like the shift key is cheating on me:

Typing "Op<TAB>" in xev(1) shows:

Shift_L Down
O Down
O Up
Shift_L Up
P Down
P Up
Shift_L Down
ISO_Left_Tab Down
ISO_Left_Tab Up
Shift_L Up

It turns out the shift key is a bit sticky and does not raise completely as soon as I release it. When I press Tab and it is only half-raised, the skin deformation is strong enough to press-down the Shift key again and the keybaord sens a Shift before the Tab key is down.

It's not particularly dusty under the key, I can't really understand what is causing this.

Maybe some WD40 in the key scissor mechanism would help?

In the meantime, let's tell ZSH that Shift+Tab should trigger completion:

bindkey '^[[Z' expand-or-complete

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This stuck key (along with the Ctrl key just bellow which is also sticky) also explain how I managed to incidentally open a lot of different Firefox windows when writing comments without being able to reproduce it: Ctrl + i ≠ Ctrl + Maj + i.

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