Graphics are cool, so cool that you always want one, even if you have no data to graph.

No data? No problem! Just imagine the line that pass through all data points. Going backward in time? Not my problem. Everybody loves graphics!


@seb_vallee et tu n'as pas vu ce que je fais avec Timelion 😱

@smortex Faut vraiment que je commence a jouer avec kibana aussi ! :)

C'est normal ces courbes qui semblent revenir en arrière ?

Cela dit, y'a un côté artistique disruptif indéniable

@smortex it's actually a pair of line-antiline originating out of nothing, the antiline anihilates with the line that comes from the past.

@smortex That's a nice, smooth phase-space graph...

...with time as one of the axes. :thonking:

@smortex I'm sure that if you look at the physical server at the right time you can spot the fans turning backwards and the heat being aspirated inside for a brief moment

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