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"But will it run Doom?" Yes. Yes, it does! 😆

I remade the first level using JavaScript and 64 sliders!


ownership of 4chan, weird stuff 

wow, this reads more as a dark / dystopian cyberpunk fiction story than a real thing.

Strange evil corp selling erotic anime toys and having deals with Disney and Warner Bros., a japanese celebrity taking the role of a buyer publicly, another company "Future Search Brazil, named for Terry Gilliam’s dystopian dark comedy"...

okay, stupid me.

> It is recommended that any font or keyboard whose goal is to support Unicode emoji should support the characters and sequences listed in the [emoji-data] data files. The best definition of the full set is in the emoji-test.txt file.

so... here it is:

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Hey Unicode experts and enthusiasts. What is the authoritative listing of code point (sequence) -> emoji name?

The files listed under [1] contain weird ranges like in [2]:

1F90D..1F90F | white heart | 🤍..🤏

(what is that hand 🤏 doing there and what does it have to do with hearts?)

Where do things like GTK get the data...?


Really excited to be mentoring this Konnakol x Haskell project by Aravind Mohandas... I think bringing Konnakol to Tidal will be huge

It appears that there is a court order in Belarus banning the sale of Orwell's 1984.

SuperCollider language beauty 

Also, it struck me how clever is the fact that there is no difference between getting a value of, say, integer 5, and the value of a function:

{ /* dynamic computation */ }.value;

This means that any code that needs to know a value of something doesn't have to even be aware that you have just passed it a function that computes the value dynamically. It can just call `.value` on whatever you have passed to it. If it's a function, it will evaluate itself.

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SuperCollider language beauty 

The fact that

someop(SomeObject, ...)

is the same as

SomeObject.someop(...) something that is easy to miss when first learning SC, but it makes the OOP and the language so much more elegant to think about.

When almost everything is a message to an object, even `if`.

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SuperCollider language beauty 

I must admit I didn't realize until recently that `if`, as well as other so-called control structures in SC are actually (conceptually at least) not special at all - they are just messages to objects.

`something.if { "yup" } { "nah" }` - that's what it is.

And it returns a value, which is very neat and functional.


smartphone sensors to OSC question 

Do you know a FLOSS mobile application for sending smartphone sensors data as OSC over local network? (Android and/or iOS). Installable via the usual app stores?

I remember using but it doesn't seem to be available in Google Play.

And I'm too distant from iOS to know...

war and Russian users 

I find it hard to read posts of "poor" Russian users about their inconveniences with Google, etc., as a result of sanctions.

Like, what an inconvenience, compared to having both legs lost, for instance, or having one's whole family shot, or being raped and then killed, or being sent to a concentration camp. All of this is the reality imposed by Russian troops on people in Ukraine.

What else to say.

This is the mentality that they are trying to force onto everyone. Thanks but no thanks.

A lecture / discussion about architecture in Lviv, UA, in a basement during an aerial attack hazard from Russia.

I woke up this morning to find a Twitter thread I posted yesterday about the massive number of hacks against Russia, and DDoSecrets, went viral. It's at 20k likes and notifications are scrolling by way too fast to follow

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