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Audacity now collects user data:

I need a new audio editing program. Any recommendations?

I think the only situation in which I'd happily sign an unpaid CLA would be if it said that they could relicense my contributions upon my death or incapacitation.

This would be in line with my views on copyright generally and would address issues of relicensing that sometimes come up when contributors pass.

Otherwise if the company wants to change the license, they need to come find me.

Сьогодні у РадіоГаражі відбулася перша лекція-дискусія-перфоманс після відкриття!

У рамках фестивалю ВЕЖА 3.0 ( історик і мистецтвознавець Богдан Шумилович вивів нас за межі «комфортної зони» мислення про творчість як суто людську діяльність — у проблематику творчості машин, штучного інтелекту й узагалі нелюдських агентів, залишивши дуже плідний ґрунт до роздумів про майбутнє творчих процесів.

(Фото Анни Заскальної).


The WebAIM #ScreenReader survey results are out! For anyone who'd find the information interesting -- either because they use one themselves, want to know which ones to test with when determining website/software #accessibility, or just because they're bored -- they can review it here:
I have no idea how or why JAWS is so popular this year ... :eyeless_frown: Like come on! NVDA is *free*
and does pretty much everything better!

Ϭ  ϬϯϬ ϯ ϯϢ  ϯ Ϣ  Ϣ ϢϬϯϢ

Привіт, Інтернете та львівська спільното!

РадіоГараж, який є частиною Музею радіо ЛКП «Львівське радіо», починає роботу — і вже невдовзі ми зможемо частіше зустрічатися на князя Романа, 6!

Ми мріємо, щоб РадіоГараж став простором взаємодії і творення, щоб його проєкти були зосереджені на звуковому, мистецькому і технологічному вимірах міста!

Ви можете слідкувати за нами тут, а також додати у ваші закладки ось цю дуже мистецьку вебадресу:

Фото Анни Заскальної.

A little success story. I needed a simple web service that would send an OSC message to according to a data file on a GET request, and then render a web page with that data as well.

It turned out very simple to write and deploy in a tight schedule. The Racket web server can also handle static files so I just port forward all requests from nginx over ssh to the machine where the audio installation is running.

Very happy.

Unsubscribe from a couple of those newsletters you never read.


@cwebber you can't get blamed by subsequent generations if there aren't any 🤔

Windows 10 running Ubuntu 21.04 running Windows 7 running Mac OS 8.5 running Windows 95

For the first time deployed a project on a server (hosting a bunch of other things as well). Before I've been using Debian and Ansible.

It feels more clean and controlled than Ansible. Although there is a learning curve. But since I use NixOS on my main machine, using it on a server was a natural decision.

Maybe I'll move to Guix some day - for Scheme.

Some day.

For now, has been serving me well.

@0 If you are talking about the Crimeans as in Crimean tatars, they are under serious repressions since the annexation.

Remember, Russia forcibly deported them in 1944:

...then some returned since the collapse of Soviet Union. So I very much doubt they are happy about the annexation.

Many of them migrated to mainland Ukraine since then.

Stumbled upon a beautiful ambient-inclined - Laverna.

Here's one of their releases I'm listening to right now:

(Hint: `mpv` can play urls if you prefer command line like me).


I just managed to make 2 typos in a css property name and 1 in its value *and not see it* when investigating why the property doesn't have any effect.

Guess I need to setup some CSS linter.

Mailed two of them and in both cases got a response they plan on fixing it. Let's see.

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Update: the silent hangup seems to have been connected to the other end being on call.

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It's quite interesting experience when your cellular operator seems to be down: when trying to make a call I get silent hangup, their official website does not respond, service number reports zero balance.

Feels as if the Matrix started collapsing.

(It's Київстар, UA)

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