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The year is 2039. I work as a smiler. I switch between hundreds of accounts per day, passing proof-of-life checks and then smiling at posts our clients want to see get traction. I used to be a laugher, which pays better, but the headaches were killing me. At least I get to work from home still.

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Got tired of waiting to select which OS to boot, so I made a physical switch

I think that with incidents like the / Google Analytics story, we really should support our linux / *nix / *bsd distributions as the ones who stand for us the users (and volunteer developers) and are in the position to protect us form malware (which I consider GA to be in a desktop program).

We should work together to make sure distributions don't allow Google Analytics-containing software to slip through.

MuseScore already has this crap in!
We need to get this stuff reverted.
Muse Group has to stop using Google Analytics and Yandex if they want to work on FOSS.

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Google Analytics in libre desktop software is something new... , c'mon.

Calling this "basic telemetry" is... well, not how I would call it.

This should not land in any linux distribution, and in general this practice must not become the norm for libre desktop software.

Let's be patient.

mediawiki has this feature where you can thank people for edits, and i think this is a signal i wish more software sent.

A very real-world introduction to web with a high degree of practical information on accessibility that is far form obvious (like how to make a replacement checkbox that is still discoverable by a vision-impired user on a touch screen device by sliding their finger over it). Highly recommend for anyone who is seeking practical experience with accessible web development.

(Also, JS is a must for accessible modals :( )

Weird stuff seems to be going on with my older backup usb hdd: can read, writes stall with scsi errors (Seagate, 1TB, 2015, has no S.M.A.R.T. apparently).

I'm glad it is luks-encrypted, so I don't have to worry about erasing it before putting it aside.

Okay, good to know, thanks for moving a feature instead of removing it this time.

> The ‘Take a Screenshot’ feature was removed from the Page Actions menu in the url bar. To take a screenshot, right-click to open the context menu. You can also add a screenshots shortcut directly to your toolbar via the Customize menu. Open the Firefox menu and select Customize…

Is there a way to use libpd in #godot? have anybody tried doing something like this?

#puredata @PureData @godot

i want to validate this concept (and will again in the future): do you want a linux pocket computer that is not primarily a smartphone, but could be an alternative/substitute for a smartphone? i.e. not focused on the telephone aspect, but on text/writing/CLI/web.

one idea (librem 5 has this already): pluggable cell modem if you want. alternatively wifi or tether to dumbphone/other smartphone.

whole point of this was to get a crab looking at a cell phone which is turning out to not be an easy thing to pose

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