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Is there a way to speak out against the McCarthyist condemnations of RMS without defending RMS?

There's a very good case that he's a poor fit for any representative position.

There's a very poor case that he's a despicable human being.

If you can only oppose people if you can make yourself believe they are monsters, then you refuse to acknowledge that the status quo is perpetuated by perfectly likeable, decent human beings.

KDE: "On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation"

This sets the right tone. Proud of KDE.

@redstarfish The structure of current discourse has increasingly been that there isn't room for more than "entirely for or entirely against". I think the story here is much more complicated. However, there are various reasons why the FSF board situation is actually much more straightforward (especially because of one detail that might not be public, but if known, would make the story much clearer).

if ... fi

# hm, do palindromic programs exist? Lets find out later.

I have an about 30 page essay in my head that probably nobody would read with a title like "RMS is a complicated figure, but RMS rejoining the FSF board isn't" (ie, it's an obvious mistake). But I don't have time and I'm glad others are showing better leadership than I am.

No LibrePlanet organizers (staff or volunteer), speakers, award winners, exhibitors, or sponsors were made aware of Richard Stallman's announcement until it was public.


Even if we put aside the question of whether RMS should return to FSF or not, the situation with the announcement itself looks problematic. I see no official announcement on the FSFs website. Yet RMS is announcing himself he's back in his talk at LibrePlanet. It looks like a lack of coordination between FSF and RMS, at minimum. It also looks inappropriate for an organization to have such important changes announced this way. Also it makes it look like they run away from the responsibility.

As someone said in a podcast I listened to, databases like PostgreSQL are very powerful, but the fact that we are forced to use weird human-language-like strings to interact with them (as opposed to some general-purpose structured data format) is unfortunate.

Everyone ends up writing a library for their language to abstract the weird strings into composable data structures / objects.

(And some people fall into the trap of SQL injection).

Found this sort of criss-cross thing in the garbage today. It's the perfect thing to keep the spice bottles from rattling while sailing.

if I listened to vaporwave off of a cassette, would that still count as vaporwave?

My computer decided to make some glitch art this morning
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