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The Sucu Music seems to have a number of releases exploring this "space reverb improvised guitar" style, here's another nice one:

Wow, a very thought-provoking talk about teaching programming; especially the part on reading code aloud by non-English-speaking learners:

And quite well-done and fun to watch too!

Resonates a bit with a talk I watched some time ago on teaching with a -based language:

present is a function that consumes a stream of future and outputs a stream of past

unfortunately most of us are stuck with the imperative implementation

A yet another free-falling object from the distant depths of's Netlabels collection, emanating with liquid guitar voices and blurred reminiscences:

Journal Shaming: Arabian Journal of Chemistry 

My now stock response to Elsevier requests to referee papers in organic chemistry (I guess?)

I know nothing about this topic. You should be ashamed to send out
referee requests with so little vetting.

So far no response. There was a clue in the latest one though, it says "Dear David H Bremner". H is not my middle initial.
There is a DH Bremner who publishes in Chemical Engineering, but works somewhere in the UK. #Elsevier #BadJournal


I haven't switched linux distributions for a good while until two months ago, when I installed on my main computer.

That inspired me to do a little write up about this system and its package-turned-configuration manager. Hopefully you'll find it interesting:


(Audio software was my initial use case for nix, now it manages my whole OS).

88808088088000188008180018888811010018101108888888000088181180180008801118811888880081888810188118880888181 🍠

Looking back:

Knoppix -> Mandrake -> Slackware -> Debian -> Fedora -> NixOS [-> ... -> ... ]

(Also that branches off as I manage other people's computers and servers too, where it's mostly Debian).

so proud to publish 'beepblip' - "Noise for Strings, Vol.2", her second #Kamizdat release.

"The compositions are atmospheric, poetic interludes to imaginary possible futures. Composed of field recordings taken in the derelict, unfinished architecture, the silent frozen windy winter forests, the lush bloom of the spring, under the scorching summer skies — this time, without the omnipresent airplane hum."

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

#CreativeCommons #ElectroAcoustic

Zoom privacy shenanigans (again) 

According to this, when you try to uninstall the Zoom Windows app, it reads cookie data from Chrome, including information unrelated to Zoom - and writes a persistent cookie with a 10 year expiration date, in violation of the ePrivacy Directive.

#Fairphone just announced the 3+ phone. A new phone that's got backwards hardware compatibility with the old phone.

I have a fairphone 2 and it's super easy to repair. After 3 years, the camera module failed and this happened to a few people, so they actually got new cameras made to fit the phone, from a new assembly line, so they could keep supporting users with old phones. It took less than 5 minutes to replace the camera, using the a pocket knife.

In about 12 hours you will be on the other side of the world. Isn't it neat?

Did you know that `dd` has a `status=progress` option since 2015 that will report the progress of the transfer continuously?

It's good to know that in this fat synth sound:

The reverb plugin does like 75% of the sound:

...including pitch shifting polyphony etc.

I don't feel that dumb anymore with my primitive oscillators :)

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