The youtube stream from my performance yesterday didn't work out very well, but I have published the original stream as I have recorded locally:


"There are beautiful truths which are absolutely meaningless."

-- GPT-3

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Today I will be performing live from Lem Station in Lviv, 16:30 UTC / 18:30 local time; the performance is based on the acoustic environment of an underground sewer tunnel located right below where I will be located.

It is going to be streamed on the Lem Station YT channel:

An inspiring and informative video for you web developers with functional programming inclinations and lispy fantasies; big thanks to Bogdan Popa for making this screencast!

@suvij Just resharing for context, not something I use personally:

As for my personal use, I use and At least they are donation-based instead of commercial.

for (int i = 0; i < feed.size(); i++) {
"I will never ever write a for loop again."

@kandid Wow, very interesting, thank you! I'm more of a sound person, but am starting to touch algorithmic graphics a bit with OpenFrameworks now. Thoungh I don't feel like C++ is my thing, I'm more into functional languages; thinking in OpenGL is a yet another new journey for me.

@kandid Hi! What is the language on the 3rd image? I see it's lisp, but which one?

@liw Similar here - "<f2> b" bound to `ido-switch-buffer`, "<f2> SPC" - to `other-window`, "C-x <f7>" - make-directory (I think I stole some of that from Sacha Chua).

@luka @Mayana I think we still lack a word for what emojis actually express 😖

Does your website respect user privacy? If it doesn't, you owe it to your audiences to make that change!

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