It's good to know that in this fat synth sound:

The reverb plugin does like 75% of the sound:

...including pitch shifting polyphony etc.

I don't feel that dumb anymore with my primitive oscillators :)

Noticed a new release (3.11).

One thing that caught my eye is an ability to synchronize with Ableton - I'm not using Ableton, but if playing in a group with someone who does, that might be useful.

I’m very happy to have participated in the amazing Eulerroom Equinox 2020 - an all-online four-day festival. Here's the recording of my performance, an improvised drone/ambient piece.

www: ጮ.cc/2020/03/22/live-at-eulerr
onion: 57f23hcybjqj4ime.onion/2020/03

A nice way to combine patterns with NodeProxies when livecoding is to use the \set NodeProxy role, like this (provided you have a ProxySpace activated):

~snd[0] = {\; }
~snd[1] = \set -> Pbind(\degree, ..., \dur, ...);

It allows attaching a Pbind to a NodeProxy to steer its controls. How didn't I pay attention to this before?


Playing a bit with developing little language learning games in . It turns out refreshingly easy to do these simple GUIs, and the bundled smiley faces in pict/face make it even simpler:)

I don't yet understand though how to manage state in GUIs without imperatively mutating variables. Ideally I would use something like a Python generator or Task to store and advance the current challenge, but I'm too new to Racket to figure out how to do it. Any hints?

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