Ukrainian; courts trying to "block" Telegram channels via copyright (?) 

Я повністю погоджуюся, що ці канали шкідливі. Але що за ідіотське формулювання? І яким чином, на їхню думку, провайдери мають це блокувати? Повне неуцтво і з юридичної, і з технологічної точки зору. Замилювання очей, а не реальна робота над інформаційною свідомістю / грамотністю населення.

Що за «арешт майнових прав, які виникають...»? Сон рябої кобили.

Okay, so Tone.js seems to offer what I need - a way to route the signals however I want plus objects for math operations and useful abstractions (as well as the very convenient LFO node with range arguments.)

Feels close enough to in fact.

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Як Google Translate перекладає власні назви з української через російську вимову на англійську. І це не випадково — ми самі винні — то ми його навчили.

Algorithmically building svgs from in is fun

(Using x-expressions it's pretty convenient, and it works for any xml, as well as html: )

The code as text: drive.ጮ.cc/p/svg-clones.rkt.tx

(Can't show you the result 'cause it contains someone's logo yet unpublished).

Noticed a new release (3.11).

One thing that caught my eye is an ability to synchronize with Ableton - I'm not using Ableton, but if playing in a group with someone who does, that might be useful.

It appears this is how your Zoom video is encrypted - the middle image 🤦‍♂️

They say they are open to fixing the issues.

But this shows that any claims about encryption from companies should not be trusted.

(Image credit - Linux logo by Larry Ewing, created in The GIMP; modified - )


4 people from 4 different countries doing a simultaneous livecoding band session as part of the Eulerroom Equinox 2020 global live marathon. Amazing what the Internet can do.

Graphics on a laptop the other day. Conway's game of Life? Faces? Private keys? Hope not.

( in case you're wondering).

Alternatives to the timeline 

After spending some time on Mastodon, I have an impression that the timeline is not the most productive way of navigating social content for me.

I'm imagining something more resembling an RSS reader perhaps, with accounts and hashtags grouped into categories in a tree-like structure.

It would be nice to have different ways of navigating the content besides the infinitely-scrolling timeline that is so widespread.

is amazing.

Wrote a little script in to query definitions from Wikidata instead of opening web browser and going to .

I turns out I can query in any language and get the results in my preferred language. Nice!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. The much more elaborate and interesting queries + visualizations can be explored at

(P.S. The text version of the screenshot is at )

Playing a bit with developing little language learning games in . It turns out refreshingly easy to do these simple GUIs, and the bundled smiley faces in pict/face make it even simpler:)

I don't yet understand though how to manage state in GUIs without imperatively mutating variables. Ideally I would use something like a Python generator or Task to store and advance the current challenge, but I'm too new to Racket to figure out how to do it. Any hints?

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