FOSS, Russia and military ambitions (ONLYOFFICE) 

Beware: ONLYOFFICE is developed by a Russian company trying to hide its Russian origin via an EU proxy [1] (sorry, no good English source yet, use translation if needed).

Grotesque fact: the version of ONLYOFFICE they market in Russia is branded as R7-Office, a conscious reference to the R7 intercontinental rocket, as seen in some of their Russian PR materials [2].



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re: FOSS, Russia and military ambitions (ONLYOFFICE) 

@setthemfree That is very upsetting. I totally love Onlyoffice as a product.
Two things might help in theory:

a) Independent/community audit for backdoors / data leaks in community server edition. So I could feel independent and safe, without monetarily supporting them. Also probably I'd stop updating.
b) a fork. I'd prefer this.

I know these options require loads of resources and are quite unlikely. So I better start getting cozy with Collabora.

re: FOSS, Russia and military ambitions (ONLYOFFICE) 

@dudenas I can say that I just switched a Nextcloud server from OnlyOffice to Collabora quite easily. Getting used to it now. The architecture is very different (seem to be all server-rendered, not sure about the details yet).

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