The people who are now behind have backed up from their plans to use Google Analytics and Yandex, which is a good signal.

Although, I am still left suspicious after this incident, especially because they are still using GA in MuseScore.

Good to know neveretheless.

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@setthemfree I am dismayed to learn that musescore is in such a state as I've been telling people its pretty good. Their weird drive to celebrate dead white men by encoding "great composers" in to their file format was disconcerting and in retrospect, it should have been a sign that more was amiss.

@setthemfree From Tantacrul's statement I read they'll switch to self-hosted solutions. But we should keep an eye on that.

@unfa Looks like they are only leaving GA with Audacity, but not with MuseScore; or there is some info on planned changes in MuseScore too?

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