Whenever I work on adding features to my midi-controller-to-osc PD patches, I ask myself why do I keep coming back to this puzzle game?
I love and hate PD (a little bit). Its so good at building stuff on the fly and is extremely useful live. But would some sort of interpreted language alternative be a better long term solution?

I yearn for the dexterity of live coding/freeliner, im tired of clicking and draging lines. Some sort of keyboard interface for pathcing in PD would be lit.

@supermedia_art I know people who do metaprogramming in Pd (Pd patches generating Pd patches), but for myself, I found SuperCollider to be what I need and moved to it.

@setthemfree oh ive done dynamic patching :)
You use SC for data processing and routing?


@supermedia_art Mostly I use SC for sound synthesis and processing, but on a few occasions I did some simple midi-to-OSC too. Data processing as in statistics, weather, etc? Nope.

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