Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.

Does this affect things built on either chromium or ungoogled-chromium? Do I need to switch away from Vivaldi?

@tn5421 @setthemfree I don't know, please add information if you read the code and find out how users are enrolled or how to disable in chromium builds for .

@nemobis @setthemfree Vivaldi has it and doesn't seem to have a method to remove it.
@nemobis @setthemfree I'm not sure about the distro specific builds but here is the upstream source they post

@tn5421 @nemobis @setthemfree

Eeep, pasted something that wasn't completely official quite yet. Consider it a sneak preview. In summary: We're working on it as we speak, and verifying that our current approach do neuter the experiment completely.

Number one rule of a safe psychological experiment:
You tell people they are being experimented on.

@setthemfree what about chromium? (Although I use it exclusively for porn).

Maybe switch to ungoogled chromium?
Alternatively use clients and snatchers, some of which can be found at
True, firefox sounds like a sane option. But I can't help thinking that it's just a matter of time when they introduce something similar or google decides to somehow enforce this new mechanism.
@Aurochs @setthemfree That's the scary part, becuase I have no idea. I'd probably stay on several ethical websites, surf gemini or gopher, maybe delete all browsers altogether, options are limitless (;

@DGX268 @setthemfree padding issues with particular sites or everywhere you go? And what OS are you on?

@setthemfree @hhardy01

I’ll say it again: I don’t have enough middle fingers to properly express my feelings towards Google right now ... and the horse they rode in on.

@setthemfree I'm kinda retarded on the technology front. Like, to the extent that I understand analog more thann digital.

What exactly is the core issue? Just appears to be more specific and targeted data mining.

I'm asking out of genuine ignorance.

Hell, I didn't need to be told.
When Chrome was first released, the fact that it was made by Google made me follow King Arthur's advice and RUN AWAAAYYYYY.

It should not be legal for an online ad company to own the most popular web browser.

@setthemfree AFAIK, it seems like the trial is highly reliant on Google services, and they mention that the trial is enabled if you have Chrome Sync on (which I'm pretty sure is now forbidden for use on any third-party Chromium browsers), so I don't think certain Chromium-based browsers (Vivaldi, Edge, Opera, Brave) are likely to be affected. Correct me if I am wrong.

@setthemfree (The worrying part is that some code may still be left over, which means that they could be affected after all...)

@fcgreg @setthemfree @jeremiah Presumably this is only chrome malware, yes? Does this affect chromium or any of it's forks?

@Tim @setthemfree @fcgreg i would presume its blink/chromium-wide, sooner or later.

back to firefox. :-)

@Tim @setthemfree @jeremiah At the moment this is only in Chrome, but the underlying technology has some of its framework in Chromium. Browsers (like Brave) that already rip out any Google-cruft from Chromium won’t ever be affected, but we’ll see what happens with the rest of them.

@setthemfree @seanking

And get off Google and Gmail and Google Docs and Google Drive etc etc etc

@acdw is there a team mail address that all receive? they probably kick you out for spam tho

@setthemfree I never even used Chrome once. It was unhealthy candy from day one.
Use and promote alternatives: I started to use Odysseus:
Quite happy with it!

@setthemfree using opera/tor with duckduckgo, that would be great

@setthemfree does this apply to Brave too ? (chromium based)

@lm I couldn't yet find any specifics on how exactly this affects other chromium-based browsers; but maybe this discussion will be useful in evaluating how it applies to Brave:

@setthemfree @lm Дерявий та попреотарний браузер

@setthemfree Logic. Google doesn't care about privacy, they care about money. Use brave

Lmao yeah, the company minting its own crypto doesnt care about money

@aladar @setthemfree @topiga IIRC, Brave makes money by selectively removing ads. The ads that survive are the ones that paid a toll to #Brave

@aladar @topiga @setthemfree How do you think ad blockers profit? The most typical business model is that they take money from advertisers to /not/ block. IIRC, Brave is accused of going even further, and actually replaces some ads with ads of their customers. (It may be #Palemoon that does that, I'm not 100%, I just recall Brave was caught up in an ad scandal)

...yeaaaah, none of what you said is actually anywhere close to the truth, at least not for Brave. Not sure why youd spend your free time spreading FUD, but okay
@topiga @setthemfree

@aladar @setthemfree @topiga you're clearly out of touch. I may be unclear about the particulars of the Brave ad scandal, but you don't even know the basics of how the ad blocker industry operates.

@setthemfree Merci pour l'information essentiel!
Many browsers claim to be "safest on earth". My personal choice is


@setthemfree I discarded Chrome a couple of years ago and even back then I used it only to access gmail. Now I only use the gmail app as trashbin on the phone

@setthemfree @gerazo

>mfw there are people who unironically have Chrome installed and are using it

@setthemfree @gerazo Disclaimer: I also have Chrome installed, in a virtual machine, mostly because MS Teams is so God damn stupid it can't use proper standard A/V features to handle meetings.

Although we have the dial-in option at work. So I can still call without using Chrome. And if someone is screensharing...? Sucks to be them, I guess.


how could one personn let this crap enter his computer ?

@solene OMG then I need Firefox instead of Chromium for WebEx pain ... and aditional 16 GB RAM to open 2 tabs.
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