Hi everyone. Have any of you been able to participate in a Zoom meeting with only a browser on Linux, without installing anything?

I have managed to avoid using Zoom up till now; but it seems I have to evaluate the possibility of using it in-browser only (if it is actually possible).

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@setthemfree browsers are usually pretty self-sufficiet due to being so bloated. Personally, I used separate browser(brave) to show presentations in Zoom, but never tested it for audio. Although it should be fine if pulseaudio can pick up your mic. Cisco webex works fine too

It's possible when using ChromeOS, so it should be possible with just the browser, but I'm not sure if zoom people actively prevent someone from doing this when they recognize that it's not ChromeOS. I used zoom flatpak from flathub previously, before switching to just using my phone for zoom meetings.

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