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Humanoïdes is a retro arcade game for the nostalgic of the Thomson MO5/MO6 computers from the 80's. Play and create your own levels at

Getting closer to the next release of Sozi. Development version 19.11.23 uploaded today in

I have deleted my Facebook account. You will no longer be able to like Sozi on Facebook :(. And the Sozi community forum will not support Facebook login anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you can read German, Alfred Bergkemper has written a lot about Sozi at

Einzelbild URLs und Hyperlinks: the Sozi tutorial on hyperlinks is available in German

Der Gebrauch von Ebenen: The Sozi layers tutorial is now available in German.

Sozi 19.03 also features a simple (experimental) presenter console, as requested by several users.

Thanks to the patrons of the Sozi project. You are not numerous, but you are generous. By the way, I have updated my profile at Liberapay

Merci aux donateurs qui contribuent financièrement au projet Sozi. Vous n'êtes pas très nombreux mais vous êtes généreux. Au fait, j'ai mis à jour mon profil Liberapay

Sozi-export 18.10.14 fixes a bug that produced a black image for the first frame of a presentation

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