@fsf You are now officially dead.

Congrats rms, you killed your own child.

End of an era folks.

@Keltounet @fsf FSF is alive and well and stays true to its principles.

@selamatC @fsf then you haven't been paying attention to the situation with rms. I'd advise you to look into it or I'll assume abusing women and other contributors is part of your own principles

@selamatC @fsf rms behaviour has been documented over the years and I was witness to one as well in 1998. So yeah, I am very disappointed at the FSF leniency towards rms.


@Keltounet @fsf RMS is a dick and they handled the situation poorly but your reactionary hyperbole of calling them "dead" only serves to polarize opinion. We all individually are responsible for our online demeanour even if people like RMS do not keep good manners. He's still one of the best thinkers of our time on Open Source. I was responding to your comment glibly, I'm well aware of the anger of wanting to see someone you dislike fail, succeed. I only provide this context as an outsider.

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@selamatC @fsf I could excuse the FSF to be blind for years, we all did in some form but reinstating him is crossing my red line.

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