@fsf I am sorry that you no longer want me or anybody else to feel welcome or comfortable interacting with the FSF. I am sorry for the people who want to continue interacting with the FSF despite this. You should be ashamed to have accepted him back into these positions of power. He is not capable of conducting himself with decorum or respect, and placing him in a leadership position is simply not appropriate.

@DanHakimi @fsf it's pretty sad your ego is so damaged that you can't work with a group because they have different social perspectives than you. I'm sorry to say this but you're a wuss.

@selamatC @fsf So I'll continue to focus my support on the SFLC and SFC and Debian. Those communities don't suck. Thanks for making my decision easier.

@DanHakimi @fsf when the SFLC, SFC, and Debian foundations, which are international and have people of various political opinions and cultural norms, appoint someone based on merit to a position of power, and it leaks that they said something you are sensitive to but is not related to the work they do, will you stop support of those groups too? It sounds to me like you're looking for some drama.

@selamatC @fsf Eben Moglen is a sweetie, Tony Sebro is a bro, and... I guess Debian is named after a couple of people but it's grown past any number of people. But if Eben Moglen turned out to have been a monster all along, I'd gladly work with Mishi Choudhary.

@selamatC @fsf Not sure why you decided to change the topic *completely* (I can tell what connection you were pretending to make, I just can't tell why you thought that was actaully a connection)... But IBM in 2021 has a number of legal strategies and failsafes in place to cut ties with any local subsidiaries and suffocate them should the need arise.


@DanHakimi @fsf if you don't see the connection then you're being willfully ignorant to your own moral hypocrisy.

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@DanHakimi @fsf which is pretty understandable because people will justify almost anything for money. Nice suits.

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