@fsf I am sorry that you no longer want me or anybody else to feel welcome or comfortable interacting with the FSF. I am sorry for the people who want to continue interacting with the FSF despite this. You should be ashamed to have accepted him back into these positions of power. He is not capable of conducting himself with decorum or respect, and placing him in a leadership position is simply not appropriate.

@DanHakimi @fsf it's pretty sad your ego is so damaged that you can't work with a group because they have different social perspectives than you. I'm sorry to say this but you're a wuss.

@selamatC @fsf It's not because the FSF has a different social perspective. It's because they continue to defend base disrespect. They know Stallman makes people uncomfortable and they just elected him President. They're throwing away donors, potential donors, contributors, and potential contributors, just to avoid the possibility of accidentally making the community diverse. I'm not a wuss for taking a stand, you're a wuss for being afraid of the abstract concept of principles.

@DanHakimi @fsf you sound incredibly reactionary and you have your facts mixed up. 1. Stallman has been appointed to the board, he is not retaking the role of president. 2. The FSF published a statement several days ago reaffirming their respect for all social groups. You're taking his appointment to the board as virtue signalling when the FSF is publicly stating the opposite of what you're being reactionary to.

@selamatC @fsf You can say it any number of times -- if you don't act respectfully towards others, it doesn't matter what you said.


@DanHakimi @fsf like IBM acted respectfully to the victims of the Holocaust? Your employer?

Do you feel the need to resign now? Surely your principles are the same regardless of the situation.

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