@fsfe blocked me because I pointed out their President has done more questionable things than Richard Stallman. This is disappointing.

"A derelict airfield on a remote Pacific island in the Republic of Kiribati could soon get an upgrade from the People’s Republic of China"

Question; why is Kiribati allying with China now? Is it because they've been neglected for years by neoliberal foreign development programs of Australia and the USA?

#Qloud data is a #Nextcloud provider in Malaysia. Its price is quite cheap 5 MYR for 100GB. Anyways, after they charge everything it costs me 38.81 THB (1.27 USD).

Announcing the will withdraw from on #911 seems like the most tone deaf and disrespectful option to me. Disrespectful to all of the US soldiers that died since the beginning of the invasion and to the afghanis that have died for a symbolic date most know nothing about.

I'm glad the statement from the FSF addresses the key points of contention with the fairness and sincerity the matter deserves. And that Richard's note treats the situation with care and respect. Despite all the wasteful hatred, an FSF more determined to improve its governance and taking lessons from what happened will be beneficial to everyone. Cheers to all!

"Uzbekistan ready to produce Sputnik V vaccine"

Canada and most US-allied nations are not currently mass producing any vaccine.

SeaTable.io was founded by two Germans that also own/work for DataMate.org - One of the founders has exp working in Dubai, which is more friendly with China. SeaTable, while hosted in Germany on local AWS servers for GDPR concerns, is developed by the same Beijing-based company that develops Seafile.com
By leveraging less expensive Chinese devs and hosting the service in Germany, SeaTable is able to compete with Silicon Valley VC firms with their product.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Anime series in the "magical girl" subgenre. Starts off quite pleasant and then escalates into some meta level topics quite rapidly. Not that funny, fun to watch though.

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