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« Je suis choqué par la façon dont les politiques et les scientifiques nous parlent. Depuis une année, les Français sont drôlement gentils.

Ce ne sont pas des procureurs, mais des victimes ! »

Niels Arestrup, brillant.


Since I'm on a crazy fucker streak... here's another one who's been on the mark lately!

Facebook now CENSORING merch?

Facebook has BANNED the official WikiLeaks Shop account from its platform, without explanation.

The shop, which raises money for Julian Assange's legal defense fund through the sale of t-shirts and other merchandise, said:

“It seems they banned us for posting a graphic of one of our Free Assange t-shirts. We’ve had no warnings and they won’t say what rule we broke. We contacted Facebook support and they were unable to assist us.”

Running a server accessible from the internet. Want to save some energy? Change the SSH default port. I know, it's a basic security measure, but I don't think lots of us do it. Put it on a different random port and all those failed connections attempts just drop to zero.

Freedom cells: Starting communities with stored food, encrypted communications, bug out plans and firearms.

Tuesday, WELL before DISCORD banned the WallStBets guys, I tooted that DISCORD was shit.

Discord has always BEEN shit.
The interface is shit, the design is shit, and now we discover, the owner/operators are shit.


Scott is expertly trolling those who still believe we had a fair election. Some of the comments are priceless 😂

Using @peertube?

Then maybe checkout TubeLab!

It obviously works with your #Peertube account, but you can now even login with your Mastodon or Pleroma account to like, share and comment

Available on @fdroidorg or the #Google Playstore

TubeLab (App for all Peertube instances) -

Randumb Thoughts #120 - Inauguration Day

I am sure it will be an unpopular concept, but I've hit the reset button on Joe Biden. I've chosen to judge him on what he does going forward rather than what he's done in the past.

I guess I'm just an optimist in believing the legacy of being the President may actually have him working for the unity of the country. If not, I'll be back to blasting him.

Looking forward to seeing all those kids let out of their cages tomorrow.

>so curtis yarvin, can you explain how to turn on a lightbulb?

>um, okay, sure, so, basiclay, when you have a system like this, like all systems, you're thinking about...
>[20 minutes later] ...and then so Plutarch is like, motherfucker, you can't say that shit, dude, and moreover...
>[45 minutes later] ...and we're talking an entire fucking ORDER OR MAGNITUDE more gnarly than...
>[95 minutes later] ...could Hitler have won? I mean, man, I'll even grant you Icebreaker, but let's break it down...
>[120 minutes later]...and that's how you take over the government. did that answer your question?
i thought left wingers couldn't ever really be conspiracy theorists but then i listened to Abby Martin podcast where she talks about how QAnon secretly controls the top of the FBI and let the Capitol protest to happen on purpose


La tristesse ce n'est pas ces basses attaques choquantes contre , c'est le manque de soutien de ceux qui prétendent faire le même métier que Julian


i'm not looking forward to the violence that the Biden imperium will cause throughout the world this year but it seems clear they will be taking their anger out on some random countries, probably Belarus or Hungary
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