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Still seeing lots of people aghast at the Democratic party because they are “risking losing to a Trump”.

For the last time: They don’t care if they “lose” to Trump!!!

What they can’t “RISK” is winning with a progressive.

Hope that helps.


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Liberals know the difference between communists and fascists, and that is why they side with fascists when pressed to make a choice between the two.

The liberal is not ignorant, just greedy and cowardly.

There's some crazy internal US politics right now that threatens #OpenTechFund, who funded #LetsEncrypt, #CertBot, @torproject , #NoScript, TLS ESNI/ECH, #DNSPrivacyProj, #ReproducibleBuilds, #Wireguard, #DeltaChat, #OpenKeychain, #pypi, @guardianproject , @signalapp , and more. Looks like a couple proprietary software companies are trying to take over this #FreeSoftware money. Please sign on to the campaign to try to stop it:

Where is Tulsi Gabbard's name on this list?

'Mr Assange is in poor mental health due to spending so much time in solitary confinement over recent years, and prison COVID-19 lockdown measures are further undermining his mental health.

We ask that you give further consideration to the very reasonable request by Mr Assange’s lawyers that this non-violent Australian prisoner be released into home detention with a 24-hour ankle monitor.'

The media crisis, which has deepened greatly as more journalists are laid off amid pandemic, means that the PR/B2B industry takes over what’s left of news sites; we need to counter this worrying trend

Stop torturing our Julian..

Send our sick & suffering journalist son & father home to his family where we can care for him..

Stop assassinating him slowly & cruelly in front of the eyes his mother, fiancee & children..

#Assange #JulianAssange

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🔁 WikiLeaks Retweeted:
Andrew Wilkie MP @WilkieMP

When the world is fuller than normal with corrupt, dishonest & incompetent politicians, a truth-teller rots in HMP Belmarsh awaiting transport to a US gulag. UK/US/Oz govts must end this madness. What are they hiding? #auspol #FreeAssange #amnestyinternational #Whistleblower
#Wikileaks #Assange #Mars #Normal

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In Ecuador, someone put a bomb in the car of an activist who was exposing corruption and protesting the US-backed right-wing regime.

These are the countries that Washington calls "free" and "democratic," as it tries to crush Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba

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Pusieron una #BOMBA en el vehículo del ciudadano q se atrevió a denunciar sobreprecios.
En #Guayaquil.

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Azealia Banks gets it: "You gotta understand that the [US] military created Silicon Valley and they created the technocracy for their benefit. They want that... Yeah, all that ARPANET shit."

(At 37:33 in this @TrueAnonPod interview)

Many Western liberals, ultra-leftists, and anarchists regurgitate NATO propaganda and falsely portray Russia (and increasingly China) as the new "fascist" threat.

Meanwhile, in reality, it's the US/NATO and their proxies that are the actual fascist threat

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Crowdstrike executive admitted under oath that there’s no evidence of Russia hacking the DNC and that exfiltration of DNC data was likely achieved locally (by an insider). New documents also show that the FBI lied about the records it held about Seth Rich. …
#Crowdstrike #FBI #Russia #WikiLeaks

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