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🔥 Steve Poikonen, Taylor Hudak, ChristyDopf, and Andrew Z Smith. 🔥

These independent journalists have been providing consistently phenomenal coverage & analysis of Julian's situation.

This was last night's episode of the , the 33rd in the series, & last weekly video before the most important free press trial of our lifetime.

If there were any correlation between what's important and what the mainstream news media focus on, Yemen would be all we talk about because it would be in the news constantly.

Caitlin Johnstone ⏳: Meditations On Yemen

"All this death and suffering is entirely man-made, and it is entirely the fault of the US-centralized power alliance." #Yemen #YemenCantWait #Austral..

The US will keep engaging in these aggressive provocations against China, then when China responds they'll say it was unprovoked and their media stenographers will repeat it as a fact. You don't need to be a Nostradamus to know this; they've been doing it for years. #Australia #China #Provo

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the Julian #Assange #extradition hearing is the most important hearing on freedom of the Press in our Western democracies and yet there is no serious monitoring by the press due to the complete uncertainty we journos have to face

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Good day to everyone who claims they oppose Trump, except for when a left-liberal magazine publishes a well-sourced article arguing that Trump may have illegally bombed a country based on a deception & cover-up.

@adam 👍 Good interview with @NICKtheRAT !- interesting that you’re interested in using neuralink tech as it’s perceived by anti-AI folks as gateway for AIs to control humans! And, AC: you have no need to avoid video in podcasting/interviews in your case - you have nothing to be ashamed/afraid of 👱!:

@ArtistMarciaX @OCRbot I like that Mastodon gives users the freedom to ban instances. But I urge all to consider: should we continue to normalize the practice of USERS not having the ability to opt out FROM banning instances, it will kill the platform.

@ArtistMarciaX @OCRbot So it's a quality community in general; these posts are outliers. I'm confident many here if they listened to any 1 episode in full would see they are doing valuable work.

The instance as such is simply NOT MODERATED – that was the alluded-to "bad shit" the admins had done.

@ArtistMarciaX @OCRbot The NA podcast is about deprogramming people from addiction to corporate news by analyzing, mocking & deconstructing it. And it works. They also regularly feature clips from Democracy Now & antiwar whistleblowers like VIPS; this produces an extremely diverse audience including fervent progressives & conservatives and they actually have meetups & dialogue IRL & that's extremely valueable atm.

This is so true, funny and sad. Thank you Ms Johnstone Caitlin Johnstone ⏳: I Don’t Always Believe CIA Narratives. But When I Do, I Believe Them About China."China is such a curious anomaly in the narrative matrix. Many who are normally skeptical of claims by western governments immediately swallow anything said about China."

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For over a year, top Western anti-corruption NGO Transparency International has been silent on Julian Assange – the world’s most prominent jailed transparency activist.

Is US and UK govt funding a factor in the organization’s silence? By @patrickmaynard

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“Philip Cross” is the neocon operation that runs rampant across Wikipedia under the watch of @krmaher & @jimmy_wales, vandalizing the pages of anti-imperialist public figure and erasing inconvenient facts

RT @MaxBlumenthal
The Randian founder of Wikipedia is a coward. Under his watch, a coterie of neocon editors has turned my page into a bulletin board for smears & innuendo, and @TheGrayzoneNews has been blacklisted in violation of @Wikipedia rules. Background on him here:

to counter news that the #CIA has been performing preemptive #cyberattacks for the last 2 YEARS against Iran, Russia, China, etc, we get some pablum about how rUsSiA is sTeALinG uR #BillGates #vaccine. does double-duty of making the vax seem desirable while updating #RussiaGate RT: 'Foreign hackers are determined as ever to steal technology, meddle in elections and skew foreign policy, but fear not! The CIA has apparently been authorized to deliver preemptive cyber-strikes based on partisan my..

@nipos @datenschutzratgeber @Decentralize_today our goal is not to get sites that don't want analytics to start using analytics. it is to have those who already use something like Google Analytics to consider using something more privacy-friendly. server logs are not a viable alternative to majority of people who use GA and that is evident when you try to speak to them about it (difficult to use, inaccurate, not pretty). if people insist they switch to server logs, they will just keep using GA

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