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🔥 Steve Poikonen, Taylor Hudak, ChristyDopf, and Andrew Z Smith. 🔥

These independent journalists have been providing consistently phenomenal coverage & analysis of Julian's situation.

This was last night's episode of the , the 33rd in the series, & last weekly video before the most important free press trial of our lifetime.

The US losing face in , at the price of so many deaths, puting millions at risk, is no suprise for anyone who followed the releases of WikiLeaks along the years.

Nor are the insane profits made from it by Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumann, KBR, etc.

None of the people responsible for the war in Afghanistan or the war criminals ever got sued.

Yet, the journalist who helped expose endless wars is rotting in jail, tortured by the Empire...

Pssss, wanna learn Québecois French? This lady is the teacher for you! @CarBlanez33 and @Lennoxxreverb you might get a kick out of this too!

@judgedread I’m not about to login to Spotify. I was wondering if someone put his stuff up on torrents and, nope. I was just going to pirate it out of principal, but it looks like no one’s even bothering to post them Eva Bartlett: Continued lockdowns are a ticking time bomb that will cause a global health crisis in the near future

10 years ago #Oracle sued #Google for copyright and patent infringement because Google copied some of Oracle's Java APIs in early version of #Android. The case went up to the #SupremeCourt which has now rejected Oracle's claims and ruled on favor of Google. Anything else could have ended in a nightmare for #FreeSoftware.


TODAY: 11 years ago WikiLeaks published a US military video documenting a war crime.

2 Reuters journalists were killed—in a massacre of up to 25 people—and the Pentagon blocked Reuters from accessing the video under FOI #FreeAssange #JournalismIsNotACrime

I'd probably take the Russian vaccine if the US allowed Texas to import it.

it's redundant to complain about twitter on here but when i go there i see so many tweets from people i don't follow that are shoehorned into my feed randomly based on data they've collected about me, the trending box is all 100% state propaganda, and the tweets from people i do follow are like a wasteland of assorted survivors wandering among the ruins
thank god when i was an edgy teen on the internet all i had was newgrounds, electric retard and dead baby jokes rather than kids today who have: being groomed into a white nationalist militia by the FBI
Someone should make a fedi bot that is just news reports of the ADL declaring random things to be a hate symbol
I'd like to see a comparison in monetary terms for the damages done to businesses between Kristallnacht and the BLM riots last summer. How many Kristallnachts per BLM Summer? Obviously one is a vicious race riot and the other is a necessary expression of long overdue racial justice. But which is which? Won't someone crunch the numbers?
>charismatic leader in the 1930s
>exploited feelings of confusion amid massive economic downturn
>murdered his political rivals
>sized supreme executive authority over entire political system
>dragged his country into war
that's right, I'm of course referring to FDR
>i bought a celebrity's autograph as an NFT so I'll be able to bequeath to my descendants a private key to an address on a defunct blockchain that would have contained a URL to a shut-down website pointing to an image in a legacy file format of the signature of a dead stranger


« Je suis choqué par la façon dont les politiques et les scientifiques nous parlent. Depuis une année, les Français sont drôlement gentils.

Ce ne sont pas des procureurs, mais des victimes ! »

Niels Arestrup, brillant.


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