the alternative to YouTube is text

video is one of the most expensive, most privileged, most inaccessible ways of spreading ideas

it has always been a medium where the rich have controlled what the rest of us see

@rey Definitely, although I think comics are another great way of sharing ideas. As Carta Monir often says, comic books are particularly well suited to addressing trans ideas in ways text alone isn't for various reasons.


@rey @lib still, it never have been cheaper to produce and share videos than now and it's one of the most efficient medium for sharing ideas or emotions because it can mix images, sounds and text.

@ronane @lib my cable modem only gives me about 10 Mb/sec upstream (and I'm on the middle-tier plan), which isn't much to work with

@rey I don't says it's the only medium we need. I just says it's one we have, fighting against it seems dumb to me.
Videos don't make text documents irrelevant.

I'm not living in a big city. I can't share videos easily either nor access them in streaming at very good quality. But in my mind, it's still nice it's becoming more and more accessible.

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