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Dear lazyweb. I remember a trailer for a movie that I once saw. The main character was some kind of a computer programmer mad scientist. He analyzed images and music that are known to cause religious experiences, paired that with an evolutionary algorithm based on his own reactions, and managed to create an essence of a religious experience.

I can't remember the title or any other details. Rings any bells?

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Third vehicle stolen since the start of the pandemic. Let's get it back. 2017 Electra Amsterdam. It's a heavy bitch so it's not going fast.

🔁 requested.


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Sinceramente dava-nos jeito ter mais mãos a ajudar, porque torna-se impossível acompanhar a catadupa de disparates legislativos que saem dos órgãos de soberania. Caros lurkers, é tempo de dar o passo, porque isto não vai num bom caminho ;)

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I’m genuinely surprised. Currently I’m migrating from one email provider to the next, so it involves changing account email addresses at a lot of places.

What’s really surprising is how many of the account data modification flows are completely broken. For major services, with tens/hundreds of millions of users. If I wouldn’t see it first-hand, I would have thought it exaggerated.

It’s clear no-one tests this shit.

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Pour les 10 ans de SciHub, Alexandra Elbakyan balance plus de 2 millions d'articles dans quelques heures
(lien vers twitter) twitter.com/ringo_ring/status/

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I tried a standing desk from IKEA a few years ago and it was a bust, mostly because it stopped working. But I think it may be time to try again. This time, my body is telling me it's probably a good idea.

Any recommendations?

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@mntmn This is basically my superpower. I have 650MB of command history accumulated over nearly 20 years: lobste.rs/s/zwexdm/centralise_

"Basically I turn off the default location for history to keep windows from clobbering each other. Each session gets its own private history file. To search for commands I use grep."

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SomaFM is amazing. Commercial-free, listener-supported radio stations that are just a standard stream (any shoutcast client works, and they embed a web player on their page). They've been hosting DEF CON Radio for quite a while.

They're awesome, donation-based, and currently badly in need of funds. Like them? Please consider donating a bit. Never heard of them? Check it out, you'll probably find an interesting station or two.

Boosts appreciated!


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I should like to stencil a Logo onto this gray tarp. It is a rather thick PU covered material.

What paint should I use?

It will have to resist sun, weather, folding and unfolding etc.

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🇬🇧 The EU Commission could break securely #E2EE encrypted communications with the upcoming #chatcontrol2.0 proposal. If all messaging providers were forced to search private messages, this would require backdoors and undermine security! (1/7)

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Regardless of whether Apple bows down to pressure on this, it shows you how they think. It’s their phone, not yours. Tim Apple is your daddy and as long as you live under his roof, you live under his rules. And he’s just made it clear he can enter your room whenever he likes and search your drawers. Might be time to think about moving out.

Problem is, where do you go? Do you move in with creepy uncle Google next door? No, he’s even worse.

And your banking app only works on iOS and Android…

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Hey hackers and #sysadmin! I'm looking for any literature, projects, tools, or other resources that discuss or are related to #documentation using a wiki style with an extensive cross linking or connecting al la #Zettelkasten methods. I'd love to be able to implement it in #git, or maybe a #MediaWiki
Thanks in advance!
:boost_requested:​I :at_me:

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Just pinning this.

I'm the writer and maintainer of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity!

It is written with hope for activists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, whistle-blowers, and good people being oppressed/censored anywhere!

Main: anonymousplanet.org/
Mirror: mirror.anonymousplanet.org/
Tor Mirror: thgtoa7imksbg7rit4grgijl2ef6kc

Have a look!

Share if you like!

Opinions welcome. Criticism welcome. Donations welcome.

#anonymity #privacy #opensource #infosec #opsec #tutorials #security

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L'autorité néerlandaise applique Router Freedom [en]

> The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has published new rules that will move Router Freedom forward in the Netherlands. Within 6 months Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have to comply and offer the option for consumers and companies to connect a modem or router of their own choice. The FSFE acknowledges this decision as a major win for consumer rights.


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RT @laquadrature@twitter.com

Après 50 millions contre Google en 2019, nouveau record d'amende RGPD, toujours sur nos plaintes collectives : 746 millions contre Amazon !

Bravo aux 10 000 personnes qui avaient signé la plainte avec nous en 2018, on lâche rien contre les GAFAM !


🐦🔗: twitter.com/laquadrature/statu

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warning: email infosec, ProtonMail 

heads-up: according to a post from a Swiss law firm on Twitter, at least one person has been charged based on ProtonMail emails that the company shared with US law enforcement.

twitter.com/GothBotAlice/statu is the one we were linked to, twitter.com/cho0b/status/14225 is the one that quoted, steigerlegal.ch/2021/08/02/pro is the post.

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"Safari isn't protecting the web, it's killing it" by Tim Perry httptoolkit.tech/blog/safari-i

Despite the inflammatory title, a pretty thoughtful and balanced piece. Safari's position as the only browser on iOS plus their lack of eagerness to keep up with new features and bugfixes, plus their slow release cycle, leads to web developer ire.

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In some ways it's easier to manage 1000 servers than 10 because you're forced to do things the right way from the beginning.

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