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Absolutely agree!

ISO 8601: the better date format - kirby.kevinson.org/blog/iso-86

I'm always using ISO 8601 to name directories after date, esp. archives.

#iso #date

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ÉNORME décision judiciaire en Italie :
733 millions € d'amendes pour "violation des règles de santé et de sécurité au travail" pour Just Eat, Uber Eats, Glovo et Deliveroo.
Elles ont 90 jours pour SALARIER environ 60000 livreurs dans toute l'Italie


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Tiens, parmi tous les gadgets numériques chers qui existent, cette tablette qui permet l'écriture digitale (oui, avec les doigts) semble intéressante.


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“OpenStreetMap’s data is crowdsourced, which has always made spectators to the project a bit wary about the quality of the data,”

^ I feel like this is a reoccurring problematic trope. What the fuck does google maps know about my local park? Why do we assume some higher authority is more trustable than community members?

Why do we assume people are going to frequently waste their time editing openstreetmap out of bad faith?

There is no evidence for this trope being true

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#JeRecrute en stage au centre Inria de #Bordeaux pour travailler sur #Guix pour le #HPC et la #recherche #reproductible.


Pour étudiant·e en license/master qui souhaite faire du #LogicielLibre !

Merci de relayer. :-)

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@cypnk it’s not the distro. It’s Microsoft. The packages are adding these repositories in their post-install routines, indiscriminate of whatever distribution they are getting installed on.. I don’t see how you could put blame on anyone but Microsoft for this, honestly

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Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

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Debian sends love to all those who use, contribute, author, support, and make free software available to all. bits.debian.org/2021/02/ilovef Happy Free Software day! #ilovefs

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Happy "I love Free Software Day" everyone 💕

We would like to use this opportunity to let you know that K-9 Mail needs your help.



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#askthefediverse which #foss productivity apps do you use? And how are they integrated?

Use case: starting a new job, taking a uni course, writing a masters thesis, plus personal goals to achieve. Walking around with a massive to do list in my head.

I'm trying out apps to keep track, but they're not integrated. Think mail in one app, calendar in another, Nextcloud + deck, tasks in a notes app. Since it's not integrated, I'm often doing double work or lose track. How do other people do this? 🤔

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Hello Free Software Friends,
#fsfe wishes all #FreeSoftware users, developers, contributors, translators and all the people involved with Free Software a happy "I love Free Software Day"! Let's share our love for Free Software #iloveFS

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Segundo artigo da nossa série sobre encriptação.
Depois de nos termos debruçado sobre a história do tema (as "Crypto Wars"), agora vemos como funciona a encriptação na Internet e o papel crucial que desempenha.


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#FOSDEM succeeded to run a online conference with over 8000 participants with completely #FreeSoftware (#OpenSource).

Big thanks to the #FOSDEM and the #Matrix team!

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In 2021 the Free Software Foundation Europe turns 20! \°/

We look back where everything got started and conducted an interview with the
#FSFE's founder #president Georg C. F. Greve:


#FSFE20 @ggreve

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Ce week-end (6 et 7 février 2021) : réunion européenne des développeurs de logiciels libres et open source #FOSDEM
En ligne via #jitsi et @matrix

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Wikimedia is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer that will work closely with my team(s)!


Let me know if you have any questions.

Boosts appreciated :)

#hiring #floss #opensource #jobs #flossjobs

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I’ve been kicking this idea around of creating some boxes that I could send to my friends to attach to their networks at home that is essentially a NAS but which automatically encrypts its data and backs-up to each other, thereby creating geographically-distributed redundancy. I’m the event of a failure, the box could simply be replaced and would recover automatically from the remote backups.

I’m wondering if there is already something like this, at least on the software side?

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"The endless browser wars" #LWN about the issues with the #Chromium web browser and why some #GNU #Linux distributions like @fedora or @opensuse and others might remove #Chromium soon lwn.net/SubscriberLink/843607/ #nt

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