AI TRAPS & Disruption Network Lab how AI & algorithms reinforce prejudices and biases:

AI TRAPS & Disruption Network Lab how AI & algorithms reinforce prejudices and biases:

My little EU elections dashboard to get the vote results starting 18hPM - meanwhile you can see in real-time early-polling results, preliminary exits polls and embedded you can follow Politico live blog all on the same page

Share: Fellowships with Bursaries for Human-Centric Internet builders! Deadline: May 30 - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders:

I wrote up a guide detailing how game developers can self publish their Unity games for #linux in the Snap Store. It's mostly copy&paste with a few extra steps. I'd love to hear back from devs who tried it out and published successfully (or indeed not).

cd my-static-website
npx @agentofuser/ipfs-deploy

My first npm package is at a point where I think it can be useful to others.

Now it's all about writing tutorials, spreading the word, and (hopefully) getting feedback.

I hope this removes friction for people who want to try out #ipfs.

Brussels. A lovely melting-pot. A visual exploration of the European capital’s diversity.

Obsolescence déprogrammée : repenser notre rapport à la technologie ? - Voir son smartphone rendre l'âme tous les deux ans semble être devenu normal. Petit rappel de l'impact économique et écologique de l'obsolescence programmée. >

Katie Bouman est une informaticienne et scientifique américaine, dont le rôle central dans la première visualisation de est salué
Depuis hier, des articles sur elle existent en 9 langues dans Wikipédia

There we go again, finally able to post on social media from my own blog :)

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