What's your opinion of #fediverse accounts whose toots are all crosspost content from their #Twitter accounts?

I mute.. Here to not see Twitter.. My adopted solution goes the other way around : I can push public post or status from my blog to either fediverse or silo accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages) with (withKnown.com) open source blog engine as if my blog was a mastodon or Twitter client, keeping my activity on the open web and copies of my posts where I want them to sit. - 1/2

@cosullivan (sadly no private, CW, or any fediverse specific integration but it work just great for public toots - 2/2

@rmdes Thank you for your reply. Would you check with the #admin of your #Mastodon #instance before using an account only for #Twitter #crossposting purposes, or would you create the account with the hope nobody would care or if they would care, not notice?

First option sounds best in my view.. In case of the second option usage I would add on top to use moa.party and make all tweets CWs ovet here.. So that people can choose if they want to see it or not..

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