MUST read study on internet fragmentation by Clément Perarnaud, Julien Rossi, Francesca Musiani & Lucien Castex

They interviewed a bunch of internet dinosaurs like me or @bortzmeyer and I'm very happy with the result as it lays down most of the threats to internet fragmentation in a very structured way.

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@rigo @bortzmeyer, I'm halfway through the document and I've seen no mention of Ukrainian ISPs in Crimea before February 24th 2022.

So I searched for various terms, thinking that it will show up later in the document. But to my surprise, in a document about internet fragmentation, there's no mention of Crimea. I find it hard to believe that the authors didn't hear about this or didn't find it relevant. This is troubling, to say the least.

@rigo @bortzmeyer, for those interested, there's a paper with interviews and a video presentation from one of the authors at 35c3.

Romain Fontugne, Ksenia Ermoshina, Emile Aben. The Internet in Crimea: a Case Study on Routing Interregnum:

A Routing Interregnum: Internet infrastructure transition in Crimea after Russian annexation:

@walter @rigo I don't really get your point. First, such a report is not supposed to talk about every local case. Second, I don't see how the "hijacking" of Internet connections after russian annexation of Crimea has something to do with Internet fragmentation?

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