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Etienne B. Racine: I haven't seen any documentation about this behavior.
Edzer Pebesma: Isn't the more important question whether you saw documentation that is in conflict with this behaviour?
Tom Gottfried: Taking that to the extremes: undocumented software always works perfectly.
--Etienne B. Racine, Edzer Pebesma, and Tom Gottfried
R-SIG-Geo February 2012

You say yourself it wasn't reproducible. So it could have been anything that "crashed" your R, cosmic radiation, a bolt of lightning reversing a bit in your computer memory, ... :-)
--Martin Maechler (replying to a bug report)
R-devel July 2005

Perhaps one is the real forge and the other is a forgery? Or a forge-R-y? I'll get my coat...
--Barry Rowlingson (on the question whether or is the official forge server)
R-help April 2007

When a Certain Guru rips strips off people (God knows he's done it to me often enough) on this list, there's a damned good reason for it.
--Rolf Turner (in a discussion about whether a friendly mailing list with more 'customer service' attitude than R-help was needed)
R-help December 2003

Obviously I have not tested on an Alphabc...tuvwxyz system but it should work there.
--Brian D. Ripley (after fixing a problem discovered when compiling R 2.0.0 on Linux Alpha)
R-devel October 2004

I believe functions should do what they say on the box (and the help page), and not what some user hopes they might do by mind-reading.
--Brian D. Ripley
R-help November 2004

See pages 45 and 46 of V&R's S PROGRAMMING for a definitive discussion of how to do this.
(Confession: I treat anything that V&R say as definitive).
--Berton Gunter (in reply to the question how to parse a '...' function argument)
R-help June 2005

This is all documented in TFM. Those who WTFM don't want to have to WTFM again on the mailing list. RTFM.
--Barry Rowlingson
R-help October 2003

I have never heard anyone (knowledgable or otherwise) claim that, in the absence of transition costs, SAS is better than R for equity modeling. If you come across any such claim, I would be happy to refute it.
--David Kane
R-SIG-Finance December 2004

Gustaf Rydevik: The author also has some thought-provoking opinions on R being no-good and that you should write everything in C.
Paul Gilbert: People used to say assembler, that's progress.
--Gustaf Rydevik and Paul Gilbert (in a discussion about an 'R is slow' blog post)
R-help January 2008

Thomas W. Blackwell: I just discovered to my surprise that I cannot define a function with an argument named 'break' or 'while'!
Brian D. Ripley: No, they are reserved names. [...] Most programming languages have reserved words, so I am surprised you are surprised.
--Thomas W. Blackwell and Brian D. Ripley
R-help November 2003

Lastly, by what we could call the 'Liaw-Baron principle', every question that can be asked has in fact already been asked.
--Dirk Eddelbuettel (citing Andy Liaw's and Jonathan Baron's opinion on unique questions on R-help)
R-help January 2006

The issue really comes down to the fact that the questions: "exactly normal?", and "normal enough?" are 2 very different questions (with the difference becoming greater with increased sample size) and while the first is the easier to answer, the second is generally the more useful one.
--Greg Snow (answering a question about a "normality test" suitable for large data)
R-help April 2009

The keyboard is the standard Italian layout, which is missing the ~ (tilde) key. [...] Can anyone advice how to produce the ~ symbol, short of a copy/paste from MS Word?
--Federico Calboli
R-help March 2004

The "one size fits all" approach to data analysis - also known as "give me a quart and a half of statistics and just make sure that there is a p-value less than 5% somewhere in there" - doesn't fit well into the R system.
--Douglas Bates
R-help March 2008

This sounds like you have discovered homeopathic properties in Sweave! It will be serious if input files remember errors even after they have been removed.
--Duncan Murdoch (after a user reported that two supposedly identical Rnw documents work and lead to an error, respectively)
R-help January 2009

Soon, they'll be speaking R on the subway.
--Michael Rennie (giving 'Kudos to the R support team')
R-help July 2004

I'm still confused about how to avoid the wrath of the CRAN-devel daemon, whose appetite for new morsels of developer flesh seems ever increasing and makes keeping even a stable package up-to-date a moving target.
--Michael Friendly (about checking packages for CRAN)
R-devel September 2013

I seem to recall that we were targetting 512k Macintoshes. In our dreams we might have seen 16Mb Sun.
--Ross Ihaka (in reply to the question whether R&R thought when they started out that they would see R using 16G memory on a dual Opteron computer)
R-help November 2003

This list is impressive. People are knowledgable, opinionated, ready to help and to flame you for asking elementary question or asking how to use type III SSQ. So, speak softly and carry a beagle. Seriously, sometimes it would be quicker just to give an answer, than to flame a poor soul.
--Milos Zarkovic
R-help January 2006

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