Perhaps one is the real forge and the other is a forgery? Or a forge-R-y? I'll get my coat...
--Barry Rowlingson (on the question whether or is the official forge server)
R-help April 2007

I wish there was a better way for me to learn this stuff than constantly being wrong in public.
--Hadley Wickham (in a discussion about efficient expansion of vectors and algorithmic complexity)
R-help July 2012

Your example requires all choices of 1541 out of 3000, which I would expect to take somewhere near age-of-the-universe seconds to compute. The code uses a clever nested computation due to Gail et al which will cut that time down to infinity/10.
--Terry Therneau (on an example with exact computations in coxph)
R-help June 2016

Evelyn Hall: I would like to know how (if) I can extract some of the information from the summary of my nlme.
Simon Blomberg: This is R. There is no if. Only how.
--Evelyn Hall and Simon 'Yoda' Blomberg
R-help April 2005

For quite a while, bug-for-bug compatibility with S-PLUS v 3.x was considered important to allow people to port their packages between systems.
--Peter Dalgaard
R-help February 2009

R is the lingua franca of statistical research. Work in all other languages should be discouraged.
--Jan de Leeuw (as quoted by Matt Pocernich on R-help)
JSM 2003, San Francisco August 2003

You're overlooking something like line 800 of the documentation for xyplot. [...] It's probably in the R-FAQ as well, since my original feeling was that this behaviour was chosen in order to confuse people and see how many people read the FAQ... :)
--Barry Rowlingson (about the fact that lattice objects have to be print()ed)
R-help May 2005

I have mentioned several times on this list that I'm in the process of developing a new and wonderful implementation of lme and I would prefer to continue working on that rather than modifying old-style code.
--Douglas Bates
R-help March 2004

Jesus and the rest of the R-help community: Thanks for your help.
--Mike Saunders (after Jesus Frias answered his question about split-split plots)
R-help February 2005

I strongly suggest you collaborate with a local statistician. I can think of no circumstance where multiple regression on "hundreds of thousands of variables" is anything more than a fancy random number generator.
--Berton Gunter
R-help February 2008

Well, 'do as we say, not do as we do' applies, I think.
--Brian D. Ripley (answering a report on a small inconsistency in 'Writing R Extensions' by David Firth)
R-devel June 2005

I believe functions should do what they say on the box (and the help page), and not what some user hopes they might do by mind-reading.
--Brian D. Ripley
R-help November 2004

Hmm. I don't ever use R-squared, so I didn't implement it.
--Thomas Lumley (in reply to a question about how to compute R-squared using biglm)
R-help April 2009

I was actually reading it with some curiosity as to how they managed to find 5 locations that were close to everyone on R-help...
--Peter Dalgaard (after XL Solutions announced courses 'R/Splus Programming Techniques, @ 5 locations near you!')
R-help April 2004

It's not a question of trying variations, rather of following instructions.
--Brian D. Ripley (about using 'Writing R Extensions')
R-help January 2006

Ted Harding: But you can also do these with 'any' and 'all', e.g. any(v==TRUE).
Thomas Lumley: or any( (v==TRUE)==TRUE), or any( ((v==TRUE)==TRUE)==TRUE)... Or, perhaps, any(v). Lewis Carroll wrote a nice piece on this theme.
--Ted Harding and Thomas Lumley (about implementing an 'or' of a logical vector)
R-help August 2004

The combination of some data and an aching desire for an answer does not ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of data.
--John W. Tukey (the first of six "basics" against statistician's hubrises)
in "Sunset Salvo", The American Statistician 40(1), 72-76 February 1986

Weird. Over at ESS they discuss how to debug with %>% when I always thought that having %>% was the bug.
--Dirk Eddelbuettel (about an ESS issue ticket discussion concerning debugging when %>% is used)
R chatroom on April 2016

I'll go back to lurking in the daily R-Helps and not ask any more questions until I've read all the old R-help messages. I'm working on December 1998 right now and reading forward. Perhaps by next year I'll will have read all the old R-help postings and I'll dare ask another question then.
--Earl F. Glynn
R-help January 2012

R is Open Source and so you can modify it to emulate the bugs in other software: that is not one of the aims of its developers so please don't expect us to do so for you.
--Brian D. Ripley (answering a request for a change to Excel-like non IEC 60559 standard conform rounding)
R-help March 2009

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