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@reynir cat configurations:

* pounce/butt wiggle
* crouch-loaf
* half loaf/supervisor
* loaf
* sphinx
* superman
* disc
* being held like a baby for the two seconds she'll tolerate it
* parrot

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at #cccamp if you're interested in MirageOS unikernels, please come and talk to me. also happy for hands-on sessions :)

Next train! My plan was to cycle to the venue, but I had an accident a few days before. I'm not sure I'm able to do the trip, but I hope to be able to do the return trip by bike!

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I have a laptop with Qubes again! Finally.

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A Japanese band has sewn up the first-ever Heavy Metal Knitting Championship


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Watch as they strip the SUV of its hide, using the pelts to keep warm in the winter. The bones of the beast they shall fashion into crude armor, no part of the behemoth is wasted.

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a pack of solar punks stalking, then working together to take down an SUV like a tribe of ancient hunters taking down a mastodon. They will eat well tonight.

Guerilla gardening potatoes are coming in. The concrete pillar and the crate saved them from the lawnmower.

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For a few weeks now, the #cryptpad account on mastodon has more followers than on Twitter. It's great to see the fediverse growing #gomastodon

I've been learning new tricks on my bicycle.
Today a car was blocking the street for reasons, so I took the opportunity to practice riding without hands and only one foot on the downtube. The look on the driver's face when he saw me was worth it.

When someone uses the egg plant emoji for representing food / actual egg plants do you tell them how that emoji is usually used?
On one hand it seems kind of inappropriate to bring up, in the other hand it's really unfortunate if she's unaware

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when discord asks for your phone number, or facebook wants you to upload a picture of your face, or twitter makes you create an account to view the "tweets and replies" tab...

that's a paywall

you pay with your privacy

I went swimming in the sea. The water was 12°C. Soooo cold! But worth it!

I discovered that if I receive a call on my secondary SIM card and later call back my phone will use the primary (default) SIM card. I was not happy to discover this /o\

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