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Mastodon + Keybase. Can we not reproduce the antipatterns of centralization around particular sites? Keybase is hardly decentralized, and you don't need it to do encrypted chat.

I bottled the angelica beer today. I could clearly smell and taste the herb without being overpowering! Really excited about tasting the final beer once it's done bottle conditioning.

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Technology as expensive as smartphones should have replaceable batteries and be easily repaired by the people who bought the device. When you also consider the environmental impact of producing a smartphone or other electronic device, it should be made to last. Apple/Silicon Valley turned electronics into disposable fashion products.

After a few months is finally up again!

Finally got the password reset \o/

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I don't want self driving cars.

I want boring things like public transit that comes so regularly I don't need to check a schedule.

I want fast passenger rail so accessible and easy it's preferable to suffering airports.

I want cities that aren't built around cars-as-default.


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Today is #TransDayOfVisibility, and we see you.

You are awesome and cool, and we like you.

:flan_cheer: :flan_trans: :flan_dance:

:gem_gf: :gem_nb: :gem_trans:
:heart_pride: :heart_trans: :heart_trans_white:
:transgender_flag: :white_transgender_flag:

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Bottling day! I made the mistake of sniffing the bucket. CO2 burns your nose!

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Remember that posts in Mastodon are not encrypted.

Anyone with Administrator (not Moderator) status on an instance can see the content of any toot you post that propagates to that instance, including the images you attach. This access can persist *even after you delete a toot locally*.

It's probably not wise to send compromising information or images to any server whose admin you don't know and trust. I'm not saying they WILL read your DMs and scope out your dick pics, but they CAN. (1/2)

Ok, I think I finally managed to send all the required documents \o/

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