What I started to do this afternoon: a table with the list of all the different clients for the

There's some missing, of course, I plan to feed the table in the next few days and maybe make a little site out of it? If another project is interested (like fediverse.party/), I'm in for it too :)

🟢 True
🔴 False
🟡 Partially supported
⚪ No data

Furthermore, it seems that most of the kiwifarms.cc users will join poa.st. On the left is a post from a poa.st user inviting Kiwi Farms members to join their server, and on the right you can see that the instance has changed the default profile picture for new users to a Star of David with "KIWI" in the center.



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They also thought that putting their server on Tor was not necessary... 😂 😢

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's blocking of comes too late, and is unfortunately pointless unless the authorities take action against those behind it. Kiwi Farms remains accessible through a variety of alternative domain names and through Tor.

Je viens de découvrir que les gouvernements pouvaient exiger à de flouter certaines zones dans leur pays (logique). Comme ici le Centre Nucléaire de Production d'Électricité du Tricastin.

Ce n'est pas le cas sur OpenStreetMap sur certaines vues satellite disponibles sur ...

Nucléaire. Distribution d’iode, exercices de sécurité : Kiev met en garde contre le risque de radiations à Zaporijjia

L’opérateur des centrales nucléaires ukrainiennes Energoatom a averti samedi que le site de Zaporijjia fonctionnait désormais avec des risques de fuites radioac...


I've just added an option to translate publications on through lingva.ml !

I made a pull request but it's still a bit shaky (second time I've programmed something in Kotlin) so I'll understand perfectly if it's not accepted: github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/pull

Telegram to integrate ? Then

Apparently Durov disabled reactions after all the downvotes.

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