We're marking the public release of #Android 10 for the Fairphone 2 with a question: “Why are we the only phone manufacturer to provide software support for a phone that’s only seven years old?”

Join us for a live webinar. Tickets are free (but limited): bit.ly/3JP9xEh


@Fairphone I think you are mistaken. The iPhone 6s, released in 2015, is still receiving updates.

Knowing that Android 10 is not the latest version of Android and that the iPhone 6s is compatible with the latest version of iOS, iOS 15.

@retiolus @Fairphone
Exact! And it works perfectly, I've done 2 updates last week of iPhone 6s to iOS 15 for family and friends, and they were so happy to keep using their phone with the last updates from Apple.
But the main advantage (to me) of the fairphone is not that it's built to last (obviously the Apple products do last very long), but it is that the materials come mostly from fair trade and recycling, which I find even more important.

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