Calculation of π, from rain falling on two wooden plate sensors, one circular and one square: the number of raindrops that landed on each plate during a storm was counted with an Arduino and π was calculated as the ratio [source & credits:]

@redfrog Did both of the sensor plates have the same area? What about wind direction skewing events?

Notes in the reddit link: diameter of circle was the same as the edge length of the square.

Also see the video

@drwho @redfrog

Best cliffhanger I've seen in a while!

Much thanks for posting :)

@redfrog love it. It also illustrates an important statistical phenomenon called *regression to the mean*. Thanks for posting!

@redfrog what if it was like 3.00 flat? 😂 And then mathematicians double checked their work and were like "omigod we're all idiots"

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