The Russian Embassy in Switzerland wants to turn to law enforcement authorities because of this cartoon of Putin in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung.
High time to share it as much as possible and to stand for the freedom of speech

@redfrog Poutine? Un des rares politiques intelligents sur le continent.... Attention, j'ai pas dit sympathique non plus hein!

@Trojaner @redfrog @lauteshirn Sure! But also time to stand against censorship of RT by the EU and of russian artists, journalists, etc, everywhere, right? Right?

@zeh Always against censorship of free culture and free press - But I hate fascists! They threaten my freedom!@redfrog @lauteshirn

@Trojaner @redfrog @lauteshirn Of course! Never enough hate for fascists. I wouldn't say Putin is a fascist, though. He's an authoritarian and my enemy - just like the EU, censoring and surveilling to control dissent. My point is precisely that Putin is denounced as an authoritarian by the EU while they themselves censor and surveil, push for military bases with NATO expansion and fill the Mediterranean sea with the dead bodies of migrants.

@zeh @redfrog What would you describe Mussolini as? An autocrat who has successively shut down all democratic institutions. A parliament without power, a judiciary without rights. There is no longer an opposition, their heads have been imprisoned or even murdered abroad, and there is no free press. Where - the hell - do you see anything similar in the EU? 27 democratic governments that rarely agree... The tragedy of emigration is a different, capitalist story. @lauteshirn

@zeh @redfrog Communication is my profession, during my studies I learned to influence people with words. This knowledge can be used for both good and bad, we call it propaganda and disinformation. Like computer viruses and worms, it infects and hacks brains. RT is an offensive weapon in the hands of an aggressor - I have no qualms about taking down trolls. @lauteshirn

@Trojaner @redfrog @lauteshirn Two discussions here: one is what is fascism and it's a subtle and book-length thing. The view i subscribe to is that it consists of a particular form of authoritarianism that 1) upholds a mythology of the ethno-state, placing it above all else 2) strengthens corporations and their alliance to the state-form 3) militarizes both state and corporations. Putin's regime doesn't fit neatly. wikipedia's entry and Eco's list help too:

@Trojaner @redfrog @lauteshirn My main point, however, was that the west 1) pushed for military control and expansion knowing full well that it could lead to reaction and war, through NATO and 2) are a bunch of hypocrites that also censor, surveil and mass murder, playing friends to Putin in past decades when it suited them and lined their pockets and bottom line, now calling him a fascist like none of this happened.

@Trojaner @redfrog @lauteshirn My choice in this situation is to confront my direct oppressor, the EU where i'm located. I'll face my direct enemy, organize with my own where i am, and extend my solidarity and alliance with oppressed people everywhere, including Russia. Therefore, i will not simply go along with denouncing Putin from a distance, calling him a mad man like that would explain anything. I will first and foremost denounce the west, the EU and NATO - the capitalist class right here.

@redfrog it’s a good look on
#Putin. Should have embraced this years ago & there would be no war. Sadly, Putin chose a path that was wrong & has continued.

None of what #VladamirPutin did justifies the terrible things #HunterBiden & #PelosiJr have done & gotten away with. They are all slime who used us to make millions while we suffered their attempts to make us “suck less air”.

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