@redfrog As a loooong time (97 or so) Debian user and admin, I'd agree entirely.

I'd also add Redhat:
It's enterprise, and you get what you get and you like it, because the alternative is AIX.

@redfrog What would be Guix — Scheme rom the bottom up in an almost full-source bootstrap (with minimized bootstrap binaries)?

@redfrog Do you by chance use Gentoo? How is it developing? It was my first distro and will always have a place in my heart, even though I’m in Guix now because that doesn’t die when I have a powercut during updates.

@redfrog je suis Debian et cafetière italienne, car ça fonctionne pour une durée indéterminée et il n'y a même pas besoin de filtre 😄

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