Good to see I'm not the only one that try to do that.


@redfrog "lemme docker that bash file real quick"

@redfrog I do not recognize any of the logos on the boxes in the cart, and I make a living out of programming websites.

@hypolite @redfrog it’s all kubernetes stuff - which, unless you are google, is a very expensive way of making sure your infrastructure is so complicated no one can understand or fix it. If you *are* google, that ship sailed a decade ago and now you are trying to export your problems in hopes of training a generation of engineers who can take a shot at it

@redfrog @solterrasa Thank you for the elaboration, I'm using a few Kubernetes commands at work, but I've never had to interact with the brand at all.


@redfrog two people walking away from a warehouse. one is pushing a cart piled high with boxes labeled with logos I don't recognize and asks the other person "is that all you need?" the person on the right, holding just a box that is labeled "bash scripts" replies "yes"

@redfrog add QT and other GUI tool kits that don't work with just bash scripts, and you good.
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