@redfrog I'd just like to interject for a moment, what you're referring to as Linux is in fact GNU/Linux or as I have recently taken to calling it, GNU+Linux...


Commentaire amusé de mon vieil iMac à pédales, à destination de son voisin de bureau, un jeune Raspberry Pi 400 :

« Tu vois gamin, c'est prouvé : c'est moi qui ai l'OS le plus écolo… »


@redfrog Accurate, but what you can't see is the mechanic in the Linux car, test driving it for the 42nd time trying to figure out why it won't steer left when the hood is closed.

@redfrog i still think the tank metaphor suits Linux better

@epoch @wolf480pl @redfrog
Is the bot still there? I know that there was a chatbot on this account.

@redfrog so basically, linux is what normal users want out of windows? cool, i guess.


What the pic doesn't show is that inside the orange car there are no seats, steering wheel, gearstick, pedals, fuel tank or brakes. You have to download them all. Some might be debs, some might be flatpaks, some might be snaps, and they will all conflict with each other and nothing will match.

Mine's the little pink one with the shiny wheels.

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