Says someone who's never studied industrial accidents and all other manner of moron-brained "scientists" fucking up.
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Is it possible Paul Krugman is actually as incompetent as he seems, or is he just a good soldier spouting convenient narratives to support the globalist agenda of the day?



"Trying to clarify my own thoughts on inflation. I got inflation wrong; I didn't see the current surge coming. But why? I didn't think the fiscal stimulus early this year would boost demand as much as Summers et al predicted ... and, in fact, so far it hasn't 1/"

5:43 PM · Nov 14, 2021

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It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

-Upton Sinclair

I think Paul is a really clever guy, who is paid very well for being a Keynesian ‘true believer’. His reputation, ego, legacy, sphere of influence, social life, and paycheck all hinge on not understanding things.

@Laconicif @anonymoose @polarisera @redfrog he has a textbook out that is pretty sensible and often contradicts his columns and social media posts, so i do think he's just a shill these days.
@lain @Laconicif @anonymoose @polarisera @redfrog his columns are lazy and polemical. I wish I could find it but one of their editors quit and did a final article, and one of his regrets was not forcing Krugman to shape up his pieces.

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What’s that quote: “no one is the villain of their own story” I don’t think anyone is a shill in their own story either.

@redfrog politicians and scientists paid and owned by the same mega corps

@redfrog Is this picture from yourself? If not, can you please give a link to the author?

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